My inflating ego, tons of love & gratitude, and Keep In Mind Frankenstein by Grand Archives: I won’t last long now…

Artwork “Tsuru + Bride” by Norbert Fuckerer

* Hooray! The computer froze…. so I need to start this post ALL over! YAY! *

Hey guys! I’ve got to start today’s post off with a little bit of love & gratitude, otherwise I think my ego may get a little too big, and with the starting size of my head (I’ve been told it’s “pineapple” shaped by not one, but TWO individuals on two separate occasions) I think it’s best to give a little credit where the credit is due.

You see, after yesterday’s post, I found out on the Twitters that TSURURADIO was the NUMBER ONE BLOG IN THE ENTIRE ( WORLD!!!

Holy crap!!! I know we hit number one once and maybe even twice a while back, and I think we hit in the top-something every now and then, but in this ever-crowded bloggy world we live in, with so many talented music lovers and, conversely, all the white noise out there, to somehow land on top is pretty fucking bad ass.

And as much as my ego would like to think it’s da shit and all, I really need to say THANK YOU…. And really, thank you so much. It’s really because of our beloved readers, our wonderful community, and our incredible friends that this whole TSURU-thing is kickin’ some boooooootay, so again and again and again, thank you. We really do love you guys!

On top of this…. one of my favourite blogs for forever now, A Collection Of Self-Portraits, has bought and featured one of my photographs, “Homage To Newton”!!!

The uncensored version is viewable at the site, trying to be more sensitive to all the music lovers out there who don’t want nudity mixed with their mp3s. The cool part for me was that, I’ve gone to this site for ages and secretly hoped that one of my self-portraits would get noticed. Then, when I got an email back from the customer who bought the print, I saw that in their signature it was the guy who runs the site! Yeah, I was super surprised and very, very honoured. Basically, he saves up a little money, actually buys a self-portrait, and then on receipt, posts on it. Not just promote, but actually supports the artist! How bad ass is that? Yeah… pretty fucking bad ass. AND he’s a Canuck! No wonder I love the site so much… Go show A Collection of Self-Portraits all your love, the site really deserves it! And thank you Mike!!

Oh, and while we are on it – let’s knock this all out now, what do you say? – a little update on Tsuru And The Bride

We moved the site to Blogger yesterday. Sorry wordpress, you were just too clunky, slow, and awkward, and it’s probably because we are used to blogger, but whatever, it’s moved. The import tool acted wonky, so we are starting from scratch, but I think it looks pretty good, almost identical to the wordpress version and ties in quite nicely to TSURURADIO, eh? This SHOULD equate to lots more posts, so keep an eye out!

Now, if you went on the new site last night, you would’ve seen that Baby’s amazing Crane Clutch is now up for a vote on Etsy for which “Clutch would you clutch”!!

Baby & I would be so appreciative if all you Etsy users would head on over, log in, and vote. We’ll totally be your BFFs, like, 4ever! There are some pretty cute clutches there, but a hand-made metallic leather Crane clutch is TRULY original and personally I think, even though I may be a little bias, it deserves all our love!


Man, it’s starting to feel like a TSURUNATION DOMINATION CELEBRATION IN HERE!!!! Can I get a woot woot?


Fuck yeah!

Good times… Who knows, maybe if we can keep this whole thing going, baby & I can stop working for “the man” and just be the free cranes we were meant to be? Well, that’s not here, but it may be there. No, for “here” we just need to keep on keepin’ on and doing so means checking out some great new music making it’s way to our ear love canals! This time it’s Keep In Mind Frankenstein by Grand Archives!

Nice transition, eh? Yeah…

Long-time Society VIP Lysol turned me on to one of his hometown faves a long while back when the first album rolled around, really great band, but as we all know, it’s the sophomore albums where bands can really show what kind of mustard they are made from!

Are they generic yellow mustard, perfectly encapsulated by this stock photo…


Are they spicy delicious horseradish mustard, bringing, not just the heat, but the flavour and texture that a sandwich truly deserves!

Mmm… Lardy that looks delicious.

You take a good spicy horseradish mustard, some hot banana peppers, some turkey, a little soy cheese for balance, all on a bagel and holy hell, you’ve got yourself a sandwich album! That’s exactly what these Seattlelites (Seattlelonians? Seattlelons?) did! Living on the brink of classic rock, modern pop, a hint of 70’s prog (a hint, I swear, though it may just be the vocals on “Topsy’s Revenge” that remind me of ELP a little), a slide guitar or two, and swarming with gorgeous harmonies the Grand Archives really “brunged it”, as the kids say.

The album’s meaty, with depth, and rewards you the more and more you let it envelope you and kinda take over. The opening track is a great example, instead of coming out with a bang, an uppercut to the jaw, they sucker punch you in the stomach, knockin’ the wind right out of you, dropping you to the floor, in a bit of darkness. Something that would normally been reserved for the “slow third or fouth track” sets the tone they want you to sit down, shut up, and listen, because something beautiful’s about to unfold.

Does that make sense? Probably not.

Look, it’s just beautiful. Enjoy the first few tracks then head over to your local shop, Insound, Sub Pop, where ever, and pre-order this thing so you can be the first on your block to strip off the plastic and drop the needle on this!

And until then… enjoy!

Grand Archives – 01 Topsy’s Revenge

The rumours around
I won’t last long now…

Grand Archives – 02 Witchy Park/Tomorrow Will
Grand Archives – 03 Silver Among the Gold

Link Love…
Myspace | Official | Label

Buy it at Insound!

Cheers and thank you again!!!!
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