It’s Friday! And Origin: Orphan by The Hidden Cameras: In the NA, in the NA!

Photography by Ruedi

Happy Friday to ya! Let’s see if we can get a bunch of things off today as it’s a super busy weekend with the hoopla around the Pelotonia and a little photo shoot on Sunday. Ah, but before we get started, real quick note… Tomorrow early (too early) in the morning, as you know, I’ll be joining the Pelotonia to ride 100 miles on me bicycle down to Athens, OH, right? Well, I plan on twitter-twatter-facebooking the way down, complete with twitpics, so… if you want to follow along, come friend my ass here…


Lance Armstrong (pictured below, shouldn’t be too hard to pick out of the peloton) is riding this thing, so I promise all your Lance-o-philes, if I find myself latched onto his wheel for god knows what reason, I’ll snap a shitty mobile phone pic for ya and upload it at the nearest breakpoint.

Okay… On to the music! Now today’s feature just spilled it’s manseed all over the intertubes last night, but it’s already earworming it’s way through my cranial cavities…. Origin: Orphan by The Hidden Cameras!

Another Arts & Crafts signed Canadian indie band, another tsururific adventure for my ears & brain. Weird… kinda scary really. This time we have the new Hidden Cameras bringing us an amazing collection of quirky and original pop that seems to have a pinky and maybe one of their noses in some wonderful recollection of a romanticized past. I don’t know why, but when I listen I think I’m hearing a little Buggles? But that’s probably crazy talk. At the very least, it will give your mind a rough (and I mean very rough) starting point….

Okay, just re-read that, yeah, I’m in an odd place today. Must be nervous energy for the big ride, so I’ll tell ya what, I’ll just shut the fuck up and you hit play and check out the first 3 tracks, get your mouth wet, then go pre-order the rest! Then stock up on random Arts & Craft albums, then just soak up all the Canadian goodness, but it all starts riiiiiiiight here…

The Hidden Cameras – 01 Ratify The New
The Hidden Cameras – 02 In the NA

Hey, hey, hey!
In the NA, in the NA!

The Hidden Cameras – 03 He Falls To Me

Really good, eh? Here’s some Hidden Camera Link Love…
Myspace | Official | Label

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