Infinite Light by Lightning Dust: I declare a war on you, someday soon…

Photography by THEEOS300400D

Another cloudy, kinda-wants-to-rain kinda day, another busy, busy day to boot…. and man, I gotta tell you, last week, when my computer fritzed up, I feel like I lost a left arm! You never realize how much you NEEEEEEEED your pooter til it’s gone. Well, electronically handicapped, I’ve been lugging my work computer home (yay for a 15lb load on my back during commutes!), using it in the evenings to convert myself to a photo-processing MACHINE! You can check a few of the photos over at Tsuru & The Bride, and I’m working on scheduling a few more in the near future. I think I’m going to expand on the rundown shitty motel thing, I really love the contrast of beauty in a very non-beautiful place…. But that’s for another day.

One thing about living off my work computer I learned, or maybe I should say, remembered was how much iTunes really sucks. Did you know you have have to have “administrator rights” to upgrade your iTunes to 8.whatever? When I got the 1,000,000 gigabyte iPod classic, I was unable to connect it to the work computer because… yep, you guessed it, no admin rights. HOORAY! So, while iTunes keeps letting me know about all the great new versions floating out there, I can only hit cancel. I can’t load songs on my iPod, so basically, the computer is one big battery recharger.

Not sure why they did that, certainly they realize that lots of people do their iTunin’ at work and many work places lock down computers… Hmm… I guess it’s all going wireless soon enough anyway. Oh well. At least, before my pooter went kapootz, I loaded up a healthy dose of goodness, like today’s gem, Infinite Light by Lightning Dust!

This is the side project of a couple folks from Black Mountain… I guess not content to live life as psychedelic quasi-prog rockers, they needed a stripped-down outlet for their creative endeavorin’ and so it is with Lightning Dust.

The results? Stunning. Honestly, I’m having a hard time describing it in my head, it’s like mountain-side electronic something-something. It is at once, simple, pure, & minimal AND lush, modern, & intricate, which really fucks with your head! It’s almost like they lugged their own work laptop, synth, drum machine, and guitars up to a secluded & quiet log cabin to create this. I don’t know, listen for yourself and tell me if I’m a whackadoodle… well, a whackadoodle about this, I know I’m a whackadoodle in general.



Anywhozits, another beautiful album to put on the list for 2009. I was trying to think about what my favourite album of the year is so far, I have no idea, and we still have 4 months left?!? Oof. This much I can tell you, the Most Awesomest Tsururific Albums Of 2009 Mixtape is going to be stutter-inducing EP-P-P-P-PIC-N-N-N-NESS!


Alright, let’s wrap this motha-fucka up and put a bow on it, I got a print order to mail out! YAY! Until next time, enjoy!

Lightning Dust – 01 Antonia Jane

I declare a war on you
someday soon…

Lightning Dust – 02 I Knew
Lightning Dust – 03 Dreamer

Lightning Dust Link Love…
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  1. Blueberry Shoes
    August 7, 2009 at 5:07 AM

    im so in love with this band…

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