Follow Me At The Pelotonia: 100 Miles & Millions Of Dollars For Cancer Research…

Photography “My Shaved Gams & Kapu” by Me!

See those sexy gams up there? Yep, those are mine and they are ready… At 7:15am on Saturday morning, we begin riding another 100 mile charity ride. Last time, we kick some diabetes ass Bicycle Mixtape is still up!!! — this time it’s cancer and it’s the Pelotonia from Columbus to Athens, OH. — here’s a map if you REALLY feel adventurous and want to root us on! — and I plan on twitter-twatter-facebooking the way down, complete with grainy/shitty mobile phone twitpics, so… if you think watching a dude slowly kill himself on his bike for 5+ hours via tweets & facebook updates sounds like a good time, come friend me here…


Oh and hey, if you wish to donate you can donate to me here or better yet, fellow Columbus music blogger Ben of Done Waiting is riding this too and can use your support, so if you got a few bucks, throw it to a great cause, eh?

Just to get you in the mood, I’d like to re-present one of my favourite (for obvious reasons) mixtapes as…

TSURURADIO Proudly Re-Presents…
Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle, I Want To Ride My Bicycle Mixtape!!!
(Full Zip)

01 Queen – Bicycle Race
02 The Bicycles – B-B-Bicycles
03 Helvetia – Old New Bicycle
04 Saloon – Bicycle Theves
05 They Might Be Giants – Dirt Bike
06 Peter And The Wolf – The Bike of Jonas
07 Hauschka – Blue Bicycle
08 The Love Of Kevin aka the LK – Tandem Bikes
09 Luis Bacalov – Bicycle
10 Pink Floyd – Bike
11 Dukes of Stratosphear – Bike Ride to the Moon
12 Ether Frolics – Bike Ride
13 Grandaddy – Rode My Bike to My Stepsister’s Wedding
14 Paulette – The Bike
15 Lebanon – Bicycle
16 Clare Moore – Town Bikes Song
17 Butterglory – Bike
18 Red Hot Chili Peppers – Bicycle Song
19 Tonepoem – The Bicycle Thief
20 World Atlas – Girl on a Boys Bike
21 Blur – Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Made For Two)
22 Lisa Germano – Riding My Bike

Wish me luck! Go riding yourselves and have a great day!

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