Double the pleasure, double the fun… Creaturesque by Throw Me The Statue & We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River by Richmond Fontaine!

Photography by Elene

Happy Friday to you, my friends! Feeling much, much better (yay sleep, yay coffee, yay pop!) and ready to get some groovin’ on before heading into another exciting, fun, and very productive weekend!!! Tonight we got the YUMMY show (did you notice the banner up above?), Baby & I both have a piece in it, so if you are in the area, come by tonight and say “allo!”, see some great art, and have some yummy food! Should be a blast!

Besides some hardcore cycling expected in the heat tomorrow Pedaling 62 miles “With” Pete, I also got a photoshoot on Sunday, another “seedy motel” shoot to continue the series that explores the juxtaposition of beauty within very non-beautiful places. Should be really cool…

Speaking of photography, you guys getting your “Dirty” Photos ready to submit? Lots of great prizes for the winner, but you need to get yer photo in or there’s no winnin’ potential at all!

Okay…. like I said, it’s Friday, I’m feeling better, and, thanks to my computer calling it quits officially, I got a brand spanking new computer! She’s a beaut, tons of space, tons of memory, and all ready for me to bring the music & photography! Bringin’ da heat, yo! WOOT! Very nice, very happy…. And after getting Norton, Firefox, Photoshop, Acoustica, & Audacity installed, I got the iTunes all in and my ipod FINALLY up to speed! So, in honour of all the great music gracing my ears properly, I figured let’s cover two, yep, TWO albums — nothing like a little R&R to recoup, reboot, and re-energize, eh? — today!!!

First up is Throw Me The Statue’s Creaturesque

Wonderful, intelligent pop, as lush & lo-fi as the album cover implies. Swarming with homemade layers and sounds and vocals that oscillate from classic pop to almost ethereal at times (mostly due to the octave he’s singing in). It’s summer-time pop but more toward the end of summer, still get a couple hot nights, but there’s a sense that the edge of the dog days are beginning to wane just a little…. Really nice.

Throw Me The Statue – 01 Waving At The Shore
Throw Me The Statue – 02 Pistols
Throw Me The Statue – 03 Tag

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Right behind it, we got the latest from Richmond Fontaine (which, by the way, takes all my willpower not to write “Richard” for some reason), We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River

Okay, listening I can imagine all kinds of Uncle Tupelo references being made…. As much as I want to toss all that in the trash, I feel like I can make a kinda-appropriate-Uncle Tupelo-like reference…. Richmond Fontaine’s latest sounds like what Wilco WOULD sound like if they didn’t go the quasi-experimental-pop turned AM Radio light, if they had stuck with the No Depression/Alt-Country thing. Similar voices, similar aesthetics, it’s a hard comparison to turn off, admittedly, when you listen.

Richmond though does sound much evolved from the early Uncle Tupelo days, he’s not living in some 90’s resurgence mode, he’s definitely in the now, but just has his left foot (the creative foot) planted in, what I imagine must be, his own musical roots.

The results are fantastic. A step back and a step forward (wait, is that a split?) and a country-jamboree good time! Enjoy!

Richmond Fontaine – 01 We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River
Richmond Fontaine – 02 Northwest
Richmond Fontaine – 03 You Can Move Back Here

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Loving what you are hearing??? Go buy it!

Buy it at Insound!

Okay! That’s it… keeping it easy breezy today so I can get shit done, get the fuck outta here, and get my YUMMY on! Going to try to get the vinyl rips up and running again this weekend, but with the new computer and the busy schedule, no promises. But this much I will say, we got a pretty special mixtape in works (special to me at least) for Wednesday, but it will only be good if you get yer “Dirty” photos in! So get going, man, what the hell you waiting fer!

Have a great weekend, all. Hope to see some of you!

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