Basement Required Listening No. 21: Second Coming by The Stone Roses…

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Howdy folks and happy Monday to ya! Did you have a good weekend? We did, another very productive one, cycling and photoshoots for me (keep an eye on today at Tsuru & The Bride for an update), some sewing and design creation for Baby, and visit from Canadian Maw Maw! WOOT! All and all a very wonderful, albeit short, weekend.

The only negative was my computer…. Late last week, somehow, someway, it seemed to have attempted suicide on me. Fortunately, I was able to get it running enough to move the few photos I had on the hard drive that I was working on over to the external before it pretty much lost all hope of life. I know enough about computers to usually fix my own but this one was acting above and beyond any tips & tricks I could find so I actually had to send it in to get fixed.

So what does that mean? Well, beyond having to lug a now 15 lb back pack on my commutes due to bringing home the work computer, it also mean I know have to be a little more selective on what I’m willing to chance on a computer where music files get wiped clean every day.

Fortunately for me, I have our beloved music community, our little shelter of music geeks and freaks, i.e. Our Society. Not only do they love to discuss music, helping me weed through the influx, but, as in today’s case, they offered up something for our Basement Required Listening series that I completely ignored 15 years ago, Second Coming by The Stone Roses!

Ignored? Yep. One, back in ’89 when the first album came out, I was waaaay too entrenched in the Violent Femmes to give two shits about The Stone Roses, his breathy blues rock when whiff, right over my head, and poof, they were gone.

5 years later, the epic battle for my soul between the Violent Femmes and Weezer was hitting a critical mass, plus there was all these other grunge residual bands popping around, like Live, that were starting to build the chorus back drop for this battle? More like war… So any word of any new Stone Roses album would’ve fallen on deaf ears (deafness most likely due to the volume I was playing the Blue album and New Times).

But that was then and I’m certainly not who I was then now, and it’s now that Amidst brought Second Coming to the table — ha! I like that, Amidst brought the Second Coming! who knew? Well, if you know Amidst, you’d have had a sneaky suspicion it would’ve been her — to challenge us, and for me, my ignorant younger self! So… what do we have?

Well, the immediate reaction is we got ourselves a sweet blues rock band, plain & simple. I’m listening and grooving and generally enjoying myself. But then “Tears” comes on and it starts to click with me. It starts off, almost like a classic rock song you’ve probably heard a thousand times, and it leads you in via that route for a minute but things really take off. Suddenly, your ears and head are transported to some open air venue where you are sitting on the lawn, enjoying some libations of sorts, and enjoying a perfect weather, perfect starry night, & perfectly laid back moment. One of those happy, don’t end please, kinda moments as the band just seems to endlessly jam.

Listening to that track, you can see where the Stone Roses could’ve been, maybe even should’ve been, the successor to the Grateful Dead and it’s legion of Dead Heads… though, I’m not sure of what clever “head” name you could give them, Dead Heads, then Phish Heads, and whatever they call the Dave Matthews followers, DMB Heads? That’s not nice… Stoned Heads? Though maybe accurate, a little too literal….

Well, I guess we’ll never know, eh? Two albums in five years, with a potential reunion 15 years later, does not, a traveling cult following make.

Oh crap, “Love Spreads” just came on… I know this song! Not sure if it was via mixtapes or radio or what, but this graced my ears many, many years ago. Cool! Fucking “groovy” song, literally. Nice! Crap, I’m even singing along! Weird how the brain works. How do I know these lyrics yet forgot 50% of the paid college education I got? But then again, how is it that a song like “Tears” can transport you to a lovely evening outdoor concert?

No clue, that’s the beauty of the brain, that’s the beauty of music, and that’s the story of looooooooove!!!!!

1. Breaking Into Heaven
2. Driving South
3. Ten Storey Love Song
4. Daybreak
5. Your Star Will Shine
6. Straight to the Man
7. Begging You
8. Tightrope
9. Good Times
10. Tears
11. How Do You Sleep
12. Love Spreads
13. Foz, The – (bonus hidden track)

Thank you so much Amidst! A long lost gem I’m sure I’d never had given another thought if it weren’t for you!!! I love you guys……

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1 comment for “Basement Required Listening No. 21: Second Coming by The Stone Roses…

  1. aminxs
    August 4, 2009 at 7:50 AM

    although i'm immensely pleased to have made a convert, i will admit that your likening the stone roses to the grateful dead doesn't sit so well. ok, sure they both were probably stoned… but around the time of the madchester scene, the roses were probably on E instead. please don't call the stone roses a jam band! they're pop! go listen to their first album!

    and while you're on a topic my brain was actually receptive to, i will give you a quick history lesson. when we had the rem-driven "college" rock and "alternative" music scenes, across the pond the alternative scenes were called things like "madchester," "shoegaze," and "britpop." stress on pop. after the smiths, new order and the fall sort of faded in manchester, bands like the stone roses, inspiral carpets, happy mondays, charlatans, and james were touring around and releasing songs and albums. i think after that (early '90s) was when manchester got all crazy acid house and then (approx. when we got "grunge" here) the focus switched off to those lovely shoegazey bands, and the britpoppy sounds of blur, suede, oasis, pulp, supergrass, manic street preachers, teenage fanclub etc. (you know, pretty much all the things i like!)

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