Album by Girls: I’m too scared to get out and get up to heaven…

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Allo and good Monday to you. Another weekend in the history books, another weekend of riding, photographin’ and, for baby, sewing for the upcoming Renegade fair in Chicago! You ARE going to be there, right? All you Illinoisians are going to pop into the (hopefully not TOO) windy city and visit Baby and her scruffy bag boy, right? It should be a blast!

But that’s next month and right now we got our hands full with preparation… Preparation for Renegade, Craftin’ Outlaws (our first joint show!), and more immediately, this weekend’s Pelotonia!

YEP! This Saturday, my riding partner-in-crime Tuck and I are riding 100 miles from Columbus down to Athens all to help raise money to fight cancer! Here’s the route…

It’s going to be NUTS. There’s over 2,000 riders signed up, I think, and a shit ton of them are attempting the century! Why? Well, one, for a good cause and two, and let’s be honest, so they can Ride With Lance or, as I like to call it, swim with the dolphin!

I think it’s great that Lance is lending his time, his legs, and his name to help the Pelotonia get a ton of riders and consequently raise MILLIONS of dollars for cancer research, but I’d be a liar liar pants on fire if I didn’t tell you the whole thing makes me a little nervous.

Lance is doing the 100 mile ride too, meaning most of the 2000+ riders are too, meaning you are going to have a ridiculous number of people riding in a giant group through downtown Columbus out into the open streets who do not normally ride with groups of people! I’m not saying I’m the shit or anything, but that’s a lot of people on two wheels are riding next to each other. And there’s no telling how many are going to want to get up close to the dolphin!

Just a little nerve racking is all. So, the plan is to get up front, away from the masses, and just ride our ride the way we always ride. Hard, but not too hard (we DO have 100 miles to cover & we DO like to have fun) and hopefully stay a little ahead of the insanity. Maybe find a few folks to help share the work and have a great ride for charity.

No matter what happens, it’s going to be interesting and it’s going to be another “experience” to chalk up in me brain. I’m going to have a little camera with me and my phone, so I’ll see about updating you of the progress and what not on the Facebooks & the Twitters, so… if you ain’t my buddy yet, get buddying!!!

Now, I know I asked and you REALLY came through for the TOUR De CURE (thank you again), so I’m not going to hound you for donations for this ride, I’ve got sponsorship, so I’ m good to go. BUT, I know that cancer effects so many people & what the Pelotonia is doing is pretty damn remarkable AND since some of you have asked, if you click on me or Kapu below, you can go to my page and donate.


Just checked the weather… Looks like rain for Saturday. I love riding in the rain. Oh man, this is gonna be interesting….

Hold on a sec, my leftover schnitzel is ready… Man, after not having schnitzel for the first 36 years of my life, I’ve now had schnitzel for lunch, dinner, and now lunch again, that CAN’T be healthy, right? Mmm…. schnitzel. Nom nom nom! It’s fun to say too, “schnitzel”, sounds like a cuss word. A delicious cuss word.

Speaking of schnitzel, we got something quite delicious & totally da shnitzel my hitzel that we are serving up today! The debut from possibly one of the most google-UNfriendly bands & albums ever (like, totally, ever, seriously), Album by Girls.

Really? It begs to question why… why name your band Girls and your album Album? Brilliant statement or regretful gimmick? Either/or, you better have the goods to back it up and — of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be discussing them, would I? — they do!

So what is Girls? A couple of guys from San Francisco who have recorded a plethora of sonically beautiful pop songs. At first I wasn’t feeling the vocals (voice sounds a little like The Clash), but by the end of the album and definitely by the second time through it was growing on my like toe fungus on an unbathed celebrity.

The songs are varied and each unique, invoking a timeless appeal that seem to fit in to any decade, but they all link together perfectly, which may be due to the voice that I was initially having a hard time with! I love it when shit like that happens! When at first, you are like “ugh”, but then you are like “huh”, and finally, you go “woohoo!”.

Is it the GREATEST ALBUM OF THE 00’S??? No clue, maybe, who the hell knows…. ask me in another decade or so when I finally had a chance to take in these past 10 years, eh? Until then, let’s just enjoy some Girls…

Girls – 01 Lust For Life
Girls – 02 Laura
Girls – 03 Ghostmouth

I’m too scared to get out
and get up to heaven

Girls – 04 Goddamn

Link Love? No clue…. I tried searching and got no where. Oh wait, found this at insound! Ah, and then from there I found their record label, and from there we got us a video and some tour dates! WOOT!


Jul 25 Capitol Hill Block Party Seattle, Washington
Aug 4 Webster Hall new york, New York w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 5 9:30 Club Washington, Washington DC w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 6 Grog Shop Cleveland, Ohio w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 7 Hideout Chicago, Illinois w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 11 Firebird St. Louis, Missouri w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 12 Record Bar Kansas city, Missouri w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 14 Emos Outside Austin, Texas w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 15 Granada Theatre Dallas, Texas w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 16 Warehouse (Studio) Houston, Texas w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 19 Launchpad Albuquerque, New Mexico w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 20 Club Congress Tucson, Arizona w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 21 El Rey Theatre L to the A, California w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 22 Glass House Pomona, California w/Los Campesinos!
Aug 23 Detroit Bar Costa Mesa, California w/Los Campesinos!

There we go…. feel a little better.

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2 comments for “Album by Girls: I’m too scared to get out and get up to heaven…

  1. Matthew Britton
    August 28, 2009 at 12:12 PM

    girls are so good – would have done almost anything to see them play with LC!. well, anything apart from fly to the US.

  2. Tsuru
    August 28, 2009 at 3:41 PM

    yeah, with the name & album name, I wasn't expecting much, seemed gimmicky, but then when it got going, once I got used to his voice, I was hooked!

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