A live WHY? concert video moment… actually, more like the full damn concert!

The folks over at Grandcrew posted this incredible & incredible sounding WHY? concert, yeah, the whole damn concert! Very, very cool… thought I’d share. Go show WHY? and the Grandcrew all your love and gratitude and enjoy!

Oh, and here’s the tracklisting:

1. WHY? and Grandcrew
2. The Fall Of Mr Filths
3. Song Of The Sad Assassin
4. Waterfalls
5. Gemini
6. The Vowels, Part 2
7. Good Friday
8. These Few Presidents
9. Gnashville
10. Fatalist Palmistry
11. Yo To Bye Bye
12. Rubber Traits
13. The Hollows
14. A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under
15. Sanddollars
16. By Torpedo Or Crohn’s

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