2.0 by The XX: You used to have all the answers…

Photography by gabriele chiapparini

Hi guys! Did you have fun yesterday going through our entries & winner of our Dirty Photo shoot and corresponding photography-themed mixtape?? ME TOO! What a coincidence! But, and I’m sorry for this, I need to make a correction to the correction in yesterday’s post…

Yesterday, I declared that Raditude, the new album by Weezer, as my Album Of The Decade…. Well, upon re-considering, re-thinking, re-marking, and re… membering the days of yore, I think I need to make a change. Going forward, our new GREATEST ALBUM OF THE 00’S is…..

Blue Boy by Ron Sexmith!!!

Congratulations Ron! I have canceled shipment of the prize (my love & undying affection) to Weezer and have re-directed it to you up in Canada. The post takes a little extra time up there, but if you haven’t received it in a week or so, please let me know and I’ll track it for you. So, again, my apologies to you, my beloved readers, and congratulations to one of our favourite Canadian singer-songwriter troubadours! HOORAY!

Phew. I feel better. Movin’ on!

Todays’ feature is fortunate, I was able to listen and prep it just minutes, nay, seconds before, again for the 2nd TIME THIS FUCKING YEAR, my iPod froze then erased. I’m SO glad I bought the 120gb iPod classic. I’m starting to think this is some internal programing to get me to move on to the iPhone or something. Well… fuck that. Apple can kiss my well-toned-due-to-thousands-of-miles-cycling ASS! =P

But before the 2nd apocalypse occurred on my mp3 player of unfortunate choice (I never had this problem back in my Creative days), the unfortunately named The XX and their equally unfortunately named album 2.0 was able to grab hold of my ear cavity and worm it’s way into my cranium.

I’m assuming they are straight-edge or something by the album cover?

No clue, didn’t notice any “beat up the guys smoking” lyrics… No, instead what we have is some pretty chill,slightly “dark” boy-girl pop. Quiet, intimate, pretty midnight music, or maybe “after the club” music when it’s time to “cool down”, if you “know what I mean” — haha, go to love all the “air quote”! In the end, it’s pretty easy and quiet lovely, but then again, I’m a sucker for boy/girl vocals, aren’t I?


Well, I got an iPod to re-fill, but you, you get to get your XX on… Enjoy!

The XX – 01 Intro
The XX – 02 Vcr

You used to have all the answers
And you
You still have them too…

The XX – 03 Crystalised

Ah, and here’s the video for Crystalised!

Huh…. is it just me, or does the “machine player” look kinda like the second sprint guy from the Alltel commercials?

Anywhos… Go show The XX all you love here…
Myspace | Official | Label

Buy it at Insound!

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2 comments for “2.0 by The XX: You used to have all the answers…

  1. Jeff Luppino-Esposito
    August 20, 2009 at 11:35 PM

    all this best album of the decade changing is emotionally difficult to handle, but somehow i enjoy it nonetheless. I like this most recent choice.

  2. Blueberry Shoes
    August 21, 2009 at 11:48 AM

    holy shiiiittte amazingggg band. saw them in nylon mag and forgot about them. lead singer=sexy, and i'm not sure why. machine player-super cool. definately brothers with commercial guy.

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