TSURURADIO Presents… laughingstock’s The Morning Found Us Miles Away… Road Trip Mixtape!!!

Yesterday, we re-presentation of our bicycle-themed mixtape for one of our fellow cyclists cut down by a drunk driver. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Mama Tsuru, it’s that you got to keep on moving. So today, we get back up and on the road, ready to put on some serious miles…

Whether it be via bicycle or car, a road trip requires a special kind of music, the kind that keeps you going forward, mile after mile, or allows you to escape the monotony of those lane breakers as the go dash by dash by dash by dash by…… Oopah, sorry, had a bit of road hypnosis just thinking about it! Where was we? Oh yeah, until you’ve either reached your destination, or it’s time to turn around and head back home.

Down in Our Society, laughingstock is planning an epic cross-country road trip (yes, driving from coast to coast is indeed “epic”) and in preparation he’s built the first of hopefully many, many amazing mixtapes, and man what a sweet-ass mixtape it is! From the driving beat of “Lisztomania” to the beauty of “Two Weeks” to the smile-inducing “Eleven Saints” and on and on never letting up the gorgeous audio assault, it’s a brilliant escapist compilation, almost making you wish your exit was still a few hours away!

Speaking of road trips, I think Baby & I are due for another one ourselves up to Toronto soon. We are way over due to, not only see Canadian Maw-maw, but hit a few of them sweet TO record shops… And if this is any indication of the type of mixtape laughingstock will be offering up over the next few weeks, I thinks we gots our soundtracks for the ride!

But before T-dot, it’s gonna be busy in the Tsuru household with photoshoots & sewing (and more epic bike rides, of course) in preparation for what will (hopefully, if we are accepted) be our first joint show at Craftin Outlaws, which, by the way if you haven’t looked over the right and down, we are also sponsoring!!! HOORAY! WOOT WOOT!

Pretty exciting, eh? Gots lots to do. Lots of photos to print, a few more shoots to do, lots of frames to buy, and coming up with a joint display should be interesting. Oh man, you know Baby’s going to sewing like a madwoman!

Ooo… Speaking of Tsuru And The Bride, very exciting, sold another print today on Etsy, this time it was Coconut Man (Colour) from my trip to India last year!

Very exciting, very proud of this print, glad it’s going to a good home. This is also the photo I entered into a National Geographic contest! So hopefully, that bodes well for my chances. You can help out and vote for this photo if you like, as there’s also a “people’s choice” award. No idea of my chances, but it never hurts to ask my dear readers for a little help, no? So, if you feel like throwing a metaphorical 2 cents into my figurative pot of literal dreams (wait, what?), you can do so right….



My deepest thanks, in advance…

Ack! I’ve complete digressed into a selfish discussion of our own adventures when this is supposed to be about laughingstock’s sweet ass mixtape! Damn. Okay, okay, let me just say this… It’s fucking brilliant, I can’t stop listening (even the dropping of a new Islands track is taking second fiddle)! Man, I can NOT WAIT to log in some serious miles with this mixtape and I sure as hell can’t wait for Volume II!!!

Thank you so much laughingstock! Finally, let’s get on with it (YAY!) as…

TSURURADIO Proudly Presents…
laughingstock’s The Morning Found Us Miles Away… Road Trip Mixtape!!!
(Full Zip)

1. Sam Lowry’s 1st Dream/Brazil – from the “Brazil” OST
2. Lisztomania – Phoenix
3. Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear
4. Eleven Saints – Jason Webley
5. Stillness Is The Move – Dirty Projectors
6. As Tall As Cliffs – Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s
7. The Age Of Revolution – The Duckworth Lewis Method
8. I Turn My Camera On – Spoon
9. Drumming – Florence And The Machine
10. Beach – Mew
11. The Walk – Imogen Heap
12. July Jones – The New Pornographers
13. Brazil (feat. Geoff Muldaur) – from the “Brazil” OST
14. Four Humours – The Most Serene Republic
15. Corners Of Your Mind – Ivy
16. You! Me! Dancing! – Los Campesinos!
17. Try – Michael Penn
18. No Cars Go – Arcade Fire
19. John Allyn Smith Sails – Okkervil River

Good times! Heard something you like? Well then head down to your local record shop or somewhere online and buy it!!!

Buy it at Insound!

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