tsuruloosies…. The songs just keep on a-comin’?!?

Well, it’s Tuesday or something, and I’m stuck on Noah & The Whale’s The First Days Of Spring! Yeah, it’s that good…. Fortunately, we have our little tsuruloosie feature where we take a moment to look at single tracks floating around the intertubes, see what all the hype & fuss is about, or (in a few situations) reflect back on a once loved song that, for whatever reason, re-caught these ears o’ mine.

Today, we keep it fresh & hot, nuffin’ but newness that seems to have a little steam behind it. Hot potato, hot potato, hot potato! Soooooooo……….. let’s see what’s up!

The Almighty Defenders – Bow Down And Die

Jesus, ugh. Musically, you gotta friend in Jesus, but vocals, c’mon…. screaming the same thing over and over and over into a cheap mic or whatever? No. Movin’ on, quickly.

These United States – I Want You To Keep Everything

Ooo… not too bad! Got a road trip kinda feel to it, drivin’ along, plus maybe a bit of Tom Petty worship?

Can’t go wrong there, imo. Simple enough break-up song with a simple enough everything, “I want yoooou….. to keeeep everytheeng!” Why can’t more break-up songs be this fun? Probably be a whole lot less teenage suicide attempts, eh?

Here’s the scene… It’s nighttime, our hero, Tyler, is walking on the sidewalk at night, and happens to be passing a open park with a playground, completely empty at this hour. He gets an email/twitter/text/facebook message on his iPhone from, uh, Samantha, “it’s over, I’m going with Billy now”. Heartbroken, Tyler pops over to his tsuruloosie playlist, and hits play, the driving beat kicks in and Tyler, emotionally, starts a dance sequence that deftly takes advantage of the entire playset at the park! Swings, slides, see-saw’s, the chopped up rubber turf stuff, everything! Ala…

I’m also thinking Tyler should have feathered hair.

Hope Sandoval And The Warm Intentions – Blanchard

This is lovely, but sounds extremely familiar., can’t put my finger, or foot, or any body part for that matter, on it… Oooop… wait…. Ooop! Yeah, it’s Mazzy Starr?? Yeah, Mazzy Starr! Check this…

Total same night-time vibe, just a bit more acoustic and slightly less guitar twang. Still, influences (intentional or otherwise) aside, a lovely, lovely song. Perfect for a quiet night, candles on, dark throughout the house… Mmm…

Jay Reatard – Wounded

Okay, I’ve avoided this guy. One, his name… sorry, ignorant stage name, in my humble, but to be fair, I’ve never looked into how “Reatard” came to be. And two, honestly, his image…

I know, I know, don’t just a book by it’s cover, etc, etc, habius corpus, but there was something that just wasn’t quite right, that just made me say “nay”. But, as always, when faced with a musical prejudice (or any kind of prejudice for that matter) there comes a time where ya gotta man up and just get on in there, right? And since his new album has leaked out, figured now’s as good a time as any to check out the tsuruloosie and see what all you folks out there in internets land got yer undies all up in yer business over, eh? Who knows, after that, maybe a whole entire JR album will be in order? But first the song…

Aww… there’s nothing icky/scary/annoying/etc about JR, this is just cute! A bouncy little song with a little extra pep in it’s step! Not too shabby. Are they all like this? Kinda like Apples In Stereo, a little, with a hiiiint of punkish attitude? Short, quick, slightly quirky, & fun! Think I’ll have to get to his record afterall!

That’s it for now! 3 out of 4 good-uns? Not bad… Not bad at all. Definitely helped me shake off Noah a little and get my mind open for something new (something borrowed? maybe something blue?)… In fact, think I’m going to have a-little go at that new JR right now. WOOT! So, until later!


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2 comments for “tsuruloosies…. The songs just keep on a-comin’?!?

  1. Jeff Luppino-Esposito
    July 14, 2009 at 4:36 PM

    yes!! i saw you had that comparison earlier, it's so true! I'm glad you put the link in the comment box cause i couldn't think of a way to make the comparison in 6 words!

  2. Tsuru
    July 14, 2009 at 5:18 PM

    Hmmm…. "Mazzy Starr reincarnated, only less twang?"


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