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Well, I felt a little bad about the Mew post…. Normally, I like to give you the first few “chapters” of the “book” we are “discussing” (please, fill in your own air quotes as you read) so you can decide whether or not to proceed vs. just a single song… Kinda like how they do at the end of the novel you just read, where they got the first chapter of the next in the series at the end. It’s hard to get a gist of an album with one song and those posts are “album posts”.

Okay, enough “quotes”.

Now, I haven’t absorbed another album yet (in fact, I’m working on a mixtape, a Society project, very cool, can’t wait to share!), but we can get down with a few tracky-poos that are hoppin’ along this ol’ intertubal love triangle called blogland, right?

Rural Alberta Advantage – Frank, AB

It’s a rare day I’m THIS ahead of the curve. Rural Alberta Advantage made our Most Aweseomest Tsururific Albums Of 2008 list, yet this is the second song off the same album of their’s to catch some hype this year! Ah, the power of a record label people respect (in this case, Saddlecreek, who wisely picked up RAA and re-released it). Love this song, love this album, love this band!!!! Buy it, love it, worship it with me, okay? Can this get on my 2009 list as well? Is that legit, maybe even, 2 legit 2 quit?

Threadless T-shirt, apparently, how ironic? I do want one though…

Florence And The Machine – My Boy Builds Coffins

Fades in, misleading you, until things really get going, a nice steady pace, and a beautiful speaks up, breathy & lovely, self-harmonizing, and we build. Drums and a few more layers, “for yoooou!” There’s something clever in the lyrics, I don’t feel smart enough to catch yet, something deep and maybe “plight-ish”, but we keep building. More vocals, front and center, filling up, taking over, then it’s over. It’s one of those songs you need to listen to again and again because you want to know, need to know what she’s singing about so you can join in the battle!

Nice…. Two for two, something old and something new. Very nice, indeedy, nuffin’ but good times. Have a great evening everyone! Until next time!


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