tsuruloosies… a mixed bag to meander through

How about we do a little tsuruloosie post to start the day? I think we are going to mix this up a little bit. One of the points of the tsuruloosie is to take a gander at what’s hot & hyped on the intertubes of super good times highway love system, right? When we do this, we look at around the “blog-go-sphere” and see what people are jibberin’ on about, but I usually re-upload the song and not give credit to where I found it…. well no more! Not only will we talk about the song, we’ll show you who’s hypin’ da shit up! WOOT! Let’s get right to it, okay?

Dodos – Fables via circle.square.triangle

“Fables” by Dodos, pretty nice… some solid drum action combined with a somewhat driving melody with a slight layer of sweetness. Got a nice lead off or transitional feel to it, like it’s leading us to something pretty special. Think this will end up on a mixtape or two. Nice.

Wet Gold – The Octopus Project via Larghearted Boy

Largehearted Boy and myself are fans of The Octopus Project, well it looks like they gots a little EP that popped out and “Wet Gold” is the first track to show up. Not too shabby. It’s delicate, something you’ve got to carry around gently, fragile, almost glassy, better wrap it in newpaper! As nice as it sounds, and as beautiful as it starts off, it doesn’t really go anywhere, then boop, it’s over. Another transitional type song, albeit a beautiful one…

Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi via Quiet Color

Okay, what’s this? Never heard of Kid Sister but it’s out there so let’s see what we gots……

Oh god. What is this? Did she just say “hit da flo'” without a hint of irony? Wow, this makes that Britney Spears crap seem deep. I’m surprised that people are still employing the same old “club tricks” and getting hype and love? “Baby get your right hand high”…. I”m assuming that’s the dance move they are hoping you do on “da flo”? You know, club dances used to involve actually moving your body, now it’s leaning back or raising a single hand, sad, man… really sad.

Movin’ on…

Julien Plenti – Fun That We Have via Broolyn Vegan

Wait… this sounds really familiar. Didn’t we already talk about this song? AH, found it, it was back in May! Dang. Did I get a scoop or something? Well, he’s got another one of his tracks up, so let’s do that instead, eh?

Julien Plenti – Games For Days via Brooklyn Vegan

Hmmm… Well… Uh… Yeah… This was the Interpol guy, right? Man, I gotta tell you, not very inspiring sounding, sounds like it’s straight out of some darkish-alt-rock playbook. Her eyes, the river, playing cards, really? Wait, did he just say she plays his heart like she plays the guitar?? Really? Oof. I’d say it’s disappointing, but I had no expectations like that. Look, I like my cheesy cheese just as much as the next guy, but when you are taking yourself as seriously as this guy seems to be trying to want to maybe do, I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t grab your lyrics from the t-shirts and magnets and stickers at Hot Topic?

But hey, that’s just me. To each their own!!! Did you hear something you like? Go show ’em so by giving them your moneys!!!

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