The TSURURADIO Society Presents… 23 Days Of Summer Mixtape!!!

Photography by Tsuru
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Man on man, Baby, the family, and I had a BLAST yesterday at Zoombezi Bay water park! It’s not most the biggest or the best thing in the world, but water slides and family make for good times no matter what! But, it’s funny, as you can read by the title, we are presenting a summer themed mixtape today, a mixtape compiled by the best music community ever, i.e. Our Society, but man, the weather today and yesterday have been anything BUT summery.

Got up and did a fantastic 50 mile ride with Tuck, but man it was chilly, wet, and windy…. huh? It’s the middle of July! Oh well, it made for a challenging ride and we both kept the pressure up, doing some great speeds and pulls. I think we both got a little inspired by the Tour De France. Good times…..

But I digress (love saying that, well, typing it), the other day I saw on the Facebooks one of my e-friends for life wishing for long sock weather and it got me thinking. Why do we constantly want the weather that is 3 months out of our reach (though, she did seem to get her wish today)? It’s a cold winter, we beg for spring & summer, it’s a hot summer, we want fall. Fall comes around, we get excited for the first snow? Around and around we go until we are 80 and move to Florida (or Arizona as the baby boomers seemed to have done).

So I asked our little community of music geeks & freaks to help out, to bring the summer heat, to remind us all to live in the now, not in the next. It’s summer, dammit, enjoy while you can, heat and all, then you can bitch about the cold come December! And man, they came through (as always)! We all contributed a few songs, then I mixed them all together, and finally added a little summer “flavour”… VOILA!

The result is 23 “Days” of summer! From beautiful sunny days, rainy afternoons, kids playing in the playground, neighbors mowing their lawns, it’s all covered, it’s got the old and the new and it’s nuffin but summer good times. Some songs were literally about summer, other just conjure the feeling to our members, but in the end, it shows the diversity we’ve got going on in there, and I’m so proud of that.

So, put on your cut-off jean shorts…

Slide on those flip-flops…

Pop on them sunglasses…

Ain’t Drew adorable? Anyways, and get ready to bask in a little summer sunshine as…

The TSURURADIO Society Presents…
23 Days Of Summer Mixtape!!!
(Full Zip)


01 Animal Collective – My Girls
02 Of Montreal – Oslo In The Summertime
03 XTC – Summer’s Cauldron
04 Flaming Lips – It’s Summertime
05 The Lovin Spoonful – Summer In The City
06 Moi Caprice – Summerfool
07 Chad And Jeremy – A Summer Song
08 The Decemberists – Summersong
09 YACHT – Summer Song
10 Project Jenny Project Jan – Summertime
11 Discovery – I Want You Back
12 Modest Mouse – Summer
13 Pavement – Summer Babe (Winter Version)
14 Art Brut – Summer Job
15 Weezer – Island In The Sun
16 The Fiery Furnaces – Here Comes The Summer
17 Coconut Record Featuring Kirsten Dunst – Summer Song
18 Jonathan Richman And Modern Lovers – That Summer Feeling
19 Janis Joplin – Summertime
20 Doves – Catch The Sun
21 Pulp – David’s Last Summer
22 The Beach Boys – Barbara Ann
23 Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime

Like what you hear? Well, then go show some love for each and any of these artist by picking up a few records, you can do it right here now

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7 comments for “The TSURURADIO Society Presents… 23 Days Of Summer Mixtape!!!

  1. bean
    July 18, 2009 at 1:30 PM

    Perfect, gave it a listen and the sun came out…

  2. 5
    July 20, 2009 at 11:09 AM

    great mix, only got beef with one omission: "summertime" by the sundays. way too happy to leave off.

  3. Pop Startled
    July 20, 2009 at 12:12 PM

    It is, as always, a great mix…a technical question Tsuru, how do you add the small overlap bits between tracks? Which program do you use to make your mixes?

  4. Tsuru
    July 20, 2009 at 1:29 PM

    Thanks 5!

    And Pop Startled, I use Acoustica to mix and Audacity to split!

    Looks like the Modest Mouse song had some hiccups, I hope to update and fix that soon!!

  5. Pop Startled
    July 21, 2009 at 9:40 AM

    Swan Master: thanks for the software leads. I resorted to adding small chunks of audio and tacking them on, but this led to unblended audio (and aural awkwardness). I've been reading the blog for a long time now and just wanted to tell you that I'm a big fan. Thanks for the awesome music and stay careful on the road.

  6. Tsuru
    July 21, 2009 at 2:35 PM

    thank you so much PS! Yeah, it's fun software, the cutting/labeling can get a little tedious, but the control and effect is soooo worth it!!

  7. s.Raasch
    October 25, 2009 at 11:46 AM

    i think you might like this….

    click my name if your interested, modest mouse influenced but not a copy cat.

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