The Ruminant Band by Fruit Bats: He had a blue-eyed mom…

Photography by holly carpe

Unlike the photo above, it’s a rainy, cloudy, sleepy day here in Columbus, OH. This means A. I’ve got a rainy ride home waiting for me (it held off this morning, though I probably could’ve used a distraction from the hungry exhaustion I was going through, ugh, not all mornings can me “hill attack” mornings), which I love… It’s such a “warrior” type feeling to be the only idiot riding a bike in the rain (let’s hope there’s no lightning near by, my legs are getting excited to make up the sad ride in this morning) and B. it means the Ruminant Band by Fruit Bats is connecting to my cranium filler like a fly to fly paper, or like damn near anything floating by to fly paper….

I don’t know if it’s accurate to call this straight up “classic rock” but it definitely hearkens back to that sound. Listening and every now and again I feel compelled to double check this ain’t some re-issue of some 70s band I never heard of from way back. From the jam band shifts to a kinda Fleetwood Mac overall vibe to even the vocals and recording aesthetic, it just screams to be listened to in an open air setting while you sit on a blanket on the lawn in cut-off shorts and an old-ratty tee with the occasional waft of doobies floating by….

Haha! Okay, not THAT much, but you get the idea, right? Of course you do.

Man, gotta be honest with you, I’m a tired boy today. Think I need another caffeine jolt and maybe even a little sugar-treat, like a chocolate chip cookie….

Mmmm, that sounds good. It’s weird, but with the weather, my overall drowsiness, and the old-school Fruit Bats filling my ears, it feels like a lazy Sunday. It’s only Wednesday, eh? Oof. Got a long way to go still.

Well, fortunately, I’ve got lots of great music to help me get along. Enjoy a couple tracks from SubPop as one as the lead-off track to get it all started right! Why? Cuz, I love you! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find some coffee and cookies!

1. Primitive Man
2. The Ruminant Band
3. Tegucigalpa
4. Beautiful Morning Light
5. The Hobo Girl
6. Being on Our Own
7. My Unusual Friend
8. Singing Joy to the World
9. The Blessed Breeze
10. Feather Bed
11. Flamingo

Fruit Bat Link Love…
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