Olive Garden commercials and defining personal success…

Hey… just relaxing & digesting after some tapas with Baby & Canadian Maw-Maw and a commercial comes on for Olive Garden. I see three actors playing a nice multi-cultural mix of people walking in, laughing, and talking about how happiness is bread sticks and pasta or something.

And they laugh and laugh and I wonder…

These three folks are actors, it’s their profession. All three, I imagine, have or had dreams of being “discovered” and “making it big”, just looking for that big role, the big call back to land that big part on that big movie/TV show/internet video/podcast/whatever, yet here they are and they look to be in their late 20s or so, “landing” the Olive Garden commercial.

Olive Garden

Eva, Barb, & Mary there love the Olive Garden

Playboy seemed to enjoy it.

These folks sure seem proud to have eaten there…

Remember this commercial?

Sadly, I do… What became of the dad, the son, the hot mom who likes to fuck around with the staff? Lady, they’ve got customers wanting a never-ending side dish of some sort, can you just join your table? I wonder if any of them got a part in Batman Begins? Lord Of The Rings? Or maybe part of an “ensemble” movie like Crash? Or how about some “quirky faux-indie film that explores quirky relationships or quirky teenage issues”?

I don’t know, can’t find them on IMDB.

The Olive Garden, eh? I guess it all depends how you define success, right? What is success? Is it the money you make? Achievement of the goals you set? Making that first buck doing what you love or making the millionth buck in something that got you the millionth buck? Is this blog a success? Is my photography a success? Am I more successful than the guy who sold Stereogum to Universal eventhough he’s probably living a little more large than myself?

Maybe my blog is to Stereogum what acting in an Olive Garden commercial is to Angelina Jolie?

Does the fact that an Olive Garden commercial has made me question the definition of success a sign of my success or my failure?

Not sure…

Who am I to judge? If one man’s junk is another man’s treasure — is that a saying about penises? — then surely one man’s definition of failure is another man’s definition of wealth and happiness, right? Maybe all those three folks ever wanted to do was land a few spots in a few fun commercials, just to have a little taste of the hollywood machine, yet I sit here watching Comedy Central stand-up specials and mock their success?

Shame on me…

The worse part, while I sit here and scoff, questioning my own career paths and choices, wondering if I made the right moves by following my heart, my passions, but also the responsible opportunities, debating the status, the ranking, after all these years….. They are probably sitting around enjoying a never-ending basket of breadsticks…

It is they who have the last laugh…

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