No More Stories…. by Mew: Sometimes I’ve got nothing to say…

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Well, Le Tour may have had a couple, uh, less than eventful stages this week, but that won’t stop our fun, will it? Oh hell no!

Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be an expert on the Danish/Copenhagen music scene, on Scandinavian music at all, OR even whether or not Denmark is even in Scandinavia! But I will say this, there’s something out there, in that beautiful part of the world, that seems to create a tendency to building sweeping epic-rock! This time it’s Mew’s turn with No More Stories/Are Told Today/I’m Sorry/They Washed Away//No More Stories/The World Is Grey/I’m Tired/Let’s Wash Away… Now THAT’S a mouthful, were they inspired by Fiona Apple or Rock Plaza Central or something?

Well, whatever the hells going on over there, I likes it. Is “epic rock” an official genre? Because it oughter be… Maybe “sweeping rock” is more fitting, as not every song is necessarily “epic”, but whatever, it’s pretty intense. Songs build, some songs fade to black, some flow like an icy mountain stream that you are sitting in after hiking for a good half-a-day, and some drift you off, like in a dream-state, complete with floating beds and a crescent moon within touch.

Maybe the word is “otherworldly”?

For me, it’s reminiscent of some of the modern prog I used to listen to in it’s use of synth, melody, and overall aesthetic.. Now, by modern prog, I mean maybe 90’s prog? Not sure, but it has a little of that nostalgia going on for me. But to say this sounds “dated” or something would be a, as Jack might say, “A MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE, YOUR HONOR!!!”

Smooth, McCoy, smooooth…. Hmmm, looks like Sony’s got this one (who knew!), so let’s just give “Repeater Beater” a go, okay? I’m no fool! Well, not a complete one at least….. Though, I’ll betcha dollars over wheelbarrows that one of the other songs will end up in a mixtape or two… What? YOU DON’T KNOW ME!!!



01. New Terrain
02. Introducing Palace Players
03. Beach
04. Repeater Beater

Sometimes I’ve got
nothing to say…

05. Intermezzo 1
06. Silas the Magic Car
07. Cartoons and Macreme Wounds
08. A Dream
09. Hawaii
10. Vaccine
11. Tricks
12. Intermezzo
13. Sometimes Life Isnt Easy
14. Reprise

Beautiful, eh? Yeah… now go show these lovely Dutch some of your love! HURRY!!!

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