Memoirs At The End Of The World by The Postmarks:

Photography by cecinestpasunepipe

I’ll tell you, you want to know whether or not you like an album? Try driving around on a hot humid day, running errands, like dropping off your broke computer to get looked at because this time you’re just stumped, then picking up film in downtown for Sunday’s shoot, then heading to the post office to pick up a package, finding the line 5 deep and only one guy working it, only to find they don’t have your package and you’ll have to call the supervisor, and during all of this, you deal with traffic in a black beat-em-up no-air-conditioned pick-em-up truck. If, by the time you pull into home, you are still enjoying the album piping through the speakers literally sitting on the floor board behind your seats and IF you find yourself with a little bit o’ grin left on your face…….. well, you may just like the damn thing! And so it was today with Memoirs At The End Of The World by The Postmarks.

This album is simply beautiful. It walks the lush & blurry line between 60’s/70’s foreign film soundtrack and, well, a soundtrack for some ethereal dream, both mixed in & held together with a touch of girl-group pop and suddenly you have an album that pulls you long, like a siren to the rocks, to your audio demise (but in a good way).
Ha! Try following that!

I’ll tell you though, made perfect sense in my brain…

Really quite lovely, a perfect album for today… The kind of album that keeps part of you, just out of reach from reality, like your whole being is just a liiiiittle bit shifted over, where all the distractions, annoyances, and whatnots of the world are only grazing you, as opposed to smacking you upside the head. Very nice.

Well, my friends, I’m gonna have to keep this one a little short today, Canadian Maw-Maw’s coming in a few hours and we got to get the place ready and hit the grocery store still. Between her, a good ride tomorrow, the photo shoot on Sunday, a bacon themed art show tomorrow, gallery hop, and lard knows what else, looks like the Tsurus got themselves another busy/fun weekend!

Enjoy the first few tracks, then go show the Postmarks, apparently fellow Floridians, all you love via your moneys! Have a great weekend everyone! Keep an eye out at Tsuru & The Bride for a few shots from Sunday’s shoot!

Until then…

1. No One Said This Would Be Easy
2. My Lucky Charm
3. Thorn In Your Side
4. Don’T Know till You Try
5. All You Ever Wanted
6. Run Away Love
7. For Better.or Worse?
8. I’M In Deep
9. Thorn In Your Side [Reprise]
10. Go Jetsetter
11. Theme From `Memoirs’
12. The Girl From Algenib
13. Gone

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  1. Blueberry Shoes
    August 2, 2009 at 12:53 PM

    oh god i love the postmarks. love the whole olive garden thing lol

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