Killingsworth by The Minus 5: I met you in Arcadia, I tried wine & persuasion…

Photography by KeCHi

Now that we got that Lady CaCaPoopyBullshit out of the way, let’s get our country on! YEEHAW!!! Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, not the country of Garth Brooks…

Or even his alter-ego Chris Gaines, or as I like to call him in hindsight, “Emo Spiderman“…

Nor is it the “achy-breaky stylings” of Billy Ray Circus…

Or even his young starlet soon to be panty-free-upskirt-candidate-when-she-turns-18 (or, gawd forbid, earlier… ugh) Miley Ray Circus…

Oh Miley, put your damn shirt down.

No… we are talking the country that reminds you more of REM’s “Don’t Go Back To Rockville” or maybe The Decemberists at their most pedal-steelest other than to anything that might wear an Amorican flag shirt…

You tell him sir! Or ma’am! Or John Candy in what would’ve been his least patriotic moment, even after Canadian Bacon! Or whatever the hell is going on there (besides that sweet denim collar, takes skill to pull off a flag shirt, takes MAD SKILLZ to pull one off with a denim collar)….

Yep, Scott McCaughey has pulled together another ensemble of music-smiths for his latest effort, Killingsworth, including Colin Meloy (among other Decemberists), some folks from M. Ward’s group, and, of course, Peter Buck of our beloved REM, mixed them all together, ices it with the butter-sweet super-smooth harmonies of the Shee Bee Gees, and passes out 14 slices of yummy home-made, COUNTRY home-made (not that boxed shit), slices of cake. Maybe a lemon cake, with a butter cream icing…. Man that sounds good right now!


It’s acoustic strummin’ & pedal-steel whines and an occasional chiming Buck-a-rific guitar work over on the side that’s fillin’ up my brain, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Okay, it may not all be country-fried goodness, there’s a bit of Beatles/Byrds pop here and there, but you get the over all gist of what I’m saying, eh? It’s just one of those “anytime albums”, one that will fill any mood, good times, quiet times, dark times, Scott’s got ya covered.

And you know, the timing couldn’t be better! I’ve got the remastering of REM’s Reckoning plus a Society member’s vinyl rip of Chronic Town on high rotation, so it’s only fitting that McCaughey would pop in there too! i.e. ergo, habius corpus and stuff… nothin’ but good times going on!


The Minus 5 – 01 Dark Hand Of Contagion

It wasn’t the wrath of god
or the darken of contagion

not some cruel comedy

or botched up engraving

I met you in Arcadia

I tried wine and persuasion…

The Minus 5 – 02 The Long Hell
The Minus 5 – 03 The Disembowelers

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