Gone water slidin’………………….. WHEEE!

That’s right, my friends… Famille De La Tsuru is taking the day off to go water slidin’! Hooray for water parks! Forecast calls for rain, for now, but no problem, if it rains we got CoCo Key and if not, it’s Zoombezi Bay, HOORAY! So either way, there will be slides, water, gravity, and our bodies taking advantage of all three!


Now, don’t fret! We got something special in the works that we should be able to get up for you by tomorrow, just need to do a little test run first, then it’s just a matter of chop, label, zip, upload, link, and post…. that’s right, we gots a special mixtape built by the best damn community of music lovers on the intertubes (intertubes… WHEE!), yep, I’m talking about Our Society!!! Man, I love those guys…

Anyways, that’s tomorrow, for today just have a GREAT Friday, I know I will, and we’ll see you soon!

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