Eskimo Snow by WHY?: No flash photography…

Photography by KeCHi

While we wait for the new Islands to show up on the intertubes (is anyone else just a little bit worried about the new Islands? Arm’s Way was my number one last year, but I know the music crickets didn’t lavish it with love and I hear they are reeling it in a notch for the new album that’s already ready to roll out? I always get a little nervous when a band makes an album in reaction to someone’s else opinion (Weezer anyone?), but who knows, maybe Nick just set some limitations up to try to sculpt out a new sound? I love the first song that came out, but you can kinda hear it if you over-analyze it…. I guess we’ll have to wait and see) a whole slew (don’t you just love the word “slew”? Such a better word than “bunch”) of albums have popped up like “face issues” on a teenager who enjoys the greasy food!

“Pimp”-le, ha! Funny… Were you able to follow that first sentence? Good… let’s continue!

But yeah, a slew, a bunch, a virtual potpourri of sounds and songs! Where to begin? Well that was just the problem today, along with a suddenly busy day, but after a few goes on a few albums, THIS one caught my eye today…. Don’t know if it’s the foggy, rainy, cool weather, or the fact it’s Thursday and suddenly the weekend is starting to creep into my skull, but Eskimo Snow by WHY? is kickin’ my cranium’s ass (wow, that’s an interesting visual)…

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit and I might even be the first to ask… first the admission, I never really got into WHY? Why, you ask? Yeah, WHY? I liked a song at a time, but all in all, they always felt a bit novelty to me and the full album was always a bit much. And the question? Is it just me or does the lead singer guy sound JUST like one of the Johns from They Might Be Giants?

Anywhos, yeah, never got that into them. Well, with this album WHY? drops their brand of hippity-hoppity-meets-indie-rock and just takes it straight-up indie-quirk (Copyright 2009 TSURURADIO). “Yoni”, if that’s the singer, though I think that it’s also the tantric word for vagina (who knows, maybe he’s really, really good at the “Yoni Massage”?), does more of a sing/talk thing this time around while musically we are hit with a full aura of sounds, very lush, but an eccentric & quirky lush, if you can imagine?

A definite surprise for me… a very pleasant one at that. Gotta run, got a few more things to knock out before I can hit the road (got a rainy ride ahead of me, woot!). Enjoy the first few tracks and have a wonderful evening!

WHY? – 01 These Hands
WHY? – 02 January Twenty Something

No flash photography
No flash photography
No flash photography…

WHY? – 03 Against Me

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