Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home by Chet: Oh clever falling, recover yourself…

Photography by cecinestpasunepipe

Hey all! You guys watching the Tour De France? So far, been pretty fun… The first stage time trial was got things started with some pretty impressive solo rides and now we have gone through 2 traditional group stages where the sprinters got to shine. Even if you aren’t into cycling, just watching it for the views of France is worth a little of your time.

I think Baby & I are going to have to do our own “Tour De France”… Basically, we’d have to fly into some part of France, enjoy the area, ride around on our bikes, hop on a train to another area, say Nice or whatever, enjoy, ride, then take off to the next, like Lyon, etc, etc, until we end up in Paris! Can you imagine just spending a few weeks wandering around France until you found your under the Champs-Élysées in Paris?

You don’t have to be a cycling fan to know that would be a pretty “epic” trip….

*daydreaming sigh*

For now, that will have to wait. Instead, it’s Monday and time to get back to work from the long weekend. But just because I physically can’t be in a far off place, exploring the world with baby, doesn’t mean my ears (and mind) can’t, right? So when Absolutely Kosher gave me a little heads up that Chet’s Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home was ready for some listening, and remembering how much I loved their last album back in ’07 (man, time flies, eh?), I hopped at the chance to let their reverbed drenched sound flood my available senses…

Man, it didn’t disappoint. Once again, Chet takes us through a kaleidoscope of sounds and emotions, one point (and mostly) mellow, another (and often suprisingly) tumultuous and chaotic, but always layered with a bit of darkness and melancholy. A great example is the 13.5+ minute “An Abiding Love Despite Adversarial Vice”, this song should be renamed “Chet (The Song)” ala that Wilco thing. Dark, tense, wild, noisy, quiet, chaotic,& beautiful depending on which minute you are listening to… Pulling it all together, of course, is the voice of Ryan Beattie. Not sure what’s the best way to describe it, beside near-haunting, from an old-world country low to a near yodel-like high.

Oh, and did I mention they are Canadians? Completely forgot that, will have to get them on Transmissions From Canada Volume 2 or 3 or something! Another wonderful gem from the great north….

Just beautiful…. Enjoy!

Chet – 01 The Night The Night

Oh clever falling
recover yourself…

Chet – 02 Cautious Melody

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