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Well, it’s time once again to get caught up on all the hyped hotness going on the intertubal highway of infolove. There’s no better way I know to do that than with our famous and infamous, and occasionally snarky, tsuruloosies! Ah yes… the tsuruloosie, my chance to stretch out a little bit, see what all the fuss is about, and tag-along on the love or stand alone, miffed, once again. Well, let’s get to it!

Arctic Monkeys – Crying Lightning

This one just came about and lit up the bloggy blogs, a new one from the Arctic Monkeys. Hmm… sounds familiar, bum-bum bada bum-bum goes the bass like a spy mission is in progress. I did hear they are making another Mission Impossible, soundtrack feature maybe? Tom Cruise endorsed or not, the track’s not too shabby. Doesn’t really go anywhere, but nor does it feel like it has somewhere it really needs to go anyway, so it kinda works. Not memorable, but definitely fun… tag a fun video on this bad boy and you got yourself some solid VH1 airplay!

Neon Indian – Terminally Chill

Next up, potentially racist named Neon Indian, oh wait, they are from Brooklyn, so it’s potentially ironically named Neon Indian, sorry. Fun little track, reminds me of MGMT, Passion Pit, etc, etc, etc, etc. Sure to “light up” a few mixtapes and sure to have 4,000,0000 remixes made of it to pop up in my inbox. Hooray. Fun song though, boingy-boingy, bounce & bounce, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh……. Dig the non-guitar guitar solo, but the songs running about a minute too long so, movin’ on.

Spoon – Got Nuffin

New spoonful of Spoon wif “Got Nuffin”. Nice driving beat… Do I smell a fun build up to a chorus a-coming?? C’mon, give it to me? No, not yet, just another instrument added. Anti-climaxes… I like those, so let’s keep going. We keep adding little sounds, a tiny layer of synth here, a guitar there, oh and now I think a tamborine! And it keeps going on for a while like this, then fades to black. Basically, came off like a road trip song.

The Roots And Eryka Badu – I Wanna Be Where You Are

Hot off the Michael Jackson death & madness & pomp & circumstance (jesus h. crackenstuffs the twitters where nothing but Michael Jackson yesterday, ugh, you got to love that bankrupt California spent over $3 million for Michael Jackson’s funeral service, what the fuck, eh?) is a tribute song I think, from Badu & The Roots. Wow, Eryka kinda sounds like a young Michael, scary. Nice retro vibe going on here, even has the percussion in a giant empty room thing going on before the chorus. Pretty cool song, not sure what it has to do with MJ, but that’s fine (sorry, got a wicked case of celeb-fatigue going on). This one would be right up baby’s alley.

Those Darlins – Red Light Love

Well, this is just adorable. Red light love makes MY heart stop too! Nice retro chick rockin’ fun here, plain and simple, no tricks, about as straight-forward as your average Ramones song, but it seems to be missing the pretentious feel of our above tracks. Just vintage style garage rock, the way it was meant to be, let by a trio of ladies who seem to bringin’ it! Very nice… I’ll have to pick this one up, the album apparently came out last week!

Gordon Gano & The Ryans!

Okay, now I’m going to start my own hype, dammit. My boy Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes, who I assumed was no longer making new music, that he was content to just play his first album along with a few tracks off the others for the rest of his life traveling from one college town to the next, teamed up with The Ryans and is releasing an album, Under The Sun, which is streamable if you go through the motions. The voice is allllllll Gano, the music is eclectic and fun! Here’s a little studio live recording thing from Yep Rock…

Yeah boy! Streaming the rest now, can’t wait to get my hands on this! “Man In The Sand”, the lead off track, is a pretty sweet little rocker…. And really, it’s just great to hear new melodies coming out of Gano’s mouth, that’s all I got to say…

Okay, are we caught up? Probably not, but it’s a start, eh? Talk to you soon!


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