Welcome To The Walk Alone by The Rumble Strips: Come right on in, make yourself at home…

Photography by Valeria

After yesterday’s review of our new Lambo, I found myself questioning our very existence, asking who or what is TSURURADIO? Are we an audio blog, an art blog, AND a cycling blog? Can all three co-exist as one in this blog-eat-blog world we live in today? Have I niched myself out of relevance or have we brought a few people out of a blinders-existence of one world and possibly into one or both of the other two? Is “niched” even a word? In other words & for example, have some photography aficionados now found a few new bands they like AND are considering riding that 10 miles to a record store, where before, neither the “why” nor the “how” would’ve crossed their minds? I don’t know…. I’d like to think so, but I’ve been known to be delusional at times (I can still be a master guitarist, right?). I can only be true to myself, anything else would be some bogus plea for love & attention, which I just can’t do!

Simply, I take my cues from my experiences as we are all just a culmination of our experiences filtered through our genetics, which is why today when I saw a Schwebel’s (shown below in the form of the freakishly scary mascot that appears to go to children’s hospitals to “scare the sickness” out of them) bread delivery truck with the slogan scrolled above the windshield, “Freshness Express” (or Fresh Express, but I think that’s copyrighted) I knew today what I must write about…

Yep, I think we need to finally discuss and debate and end the battle over White vs. Wheat bread!!! Oh wait, no that’s not right, I meant to say we’ll write about music….. For today, we are, as the infinitely wise and lipstick (and boob) enhanced Christina Aguiliera (Xtina to her friends?) once sang, “going back to basics“.

So, no bicycles today, just the audio lovins you’ve come to expect and replace your iTunes with! And what was I listening to when I literally “saw the sign”? Playing in my aging hungry ears was Welcome To The Walk Alone by The Rumble Strips.

Fantastic album, very dramatic & theatric…. It’s almost like Morrissey, Rufus Wainwright, and Freddie Mercury had a menage-a-trois and somehow procreated & ejected this album! Wow… how’s THAT for a description? Now, you may think that’s some kind of “gay” reference or maybe some obtuse support of the new New Hampshire gay marriage law, it’s not (though I fully support anyone’s right to marry whoever the hell they want…. it completely baffles me why ANYONE would care who someone else wants to marry, fuck, or snuggle with). No, there’s nothing “gay” about it, the album just has some of the sonic beauty (and slight vocal reminder) of the Smiths, mixed with the dramatics of our boy Wainwright (sans the Judy Garland obsession but with a slight vocal reminder here as well), with a touch of that Freddie Murphy flair for the theatrical. Many will credit Owen Pallett for the added flavour and whatever the reason, the results are absolutely lovely and fitting for The Rumble Strips.

So, there you go, now let’s get to it! Enjoy the first few tracks, then go find/buy the rest. It’s quite…….. fabulous! Sorry, had to do it.


The Rumble Strips – 01 Welcome To The Walk Alone

Welcome to the walk alone
come right on in
make yourself at home…

The Rumble Strips – 02 London
The Rumble Strips – 03 Not The Only Person

Well, that was fun! Let’s talk about bikes tomorrow…. lol!!! Anyways, go give the Rumble Strips your love here, here, and here, okay? And, until next time…



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