tsuruloosies… A sleepy Tsuru gets caught up!?!

I’m a sleepy Tsuru today, lardy. Waking up was a challenge, exceptionally strong coffee barely gave me any push at all (I’m on my third “cup” now and getting no where fast), getting on the bike, an even greater challenge, and riding the 20 miles in? I think I did it half asleep. Oh well, that’s just the way it is sometimes. Sometimes you got the legs and the gumption to ride forever, other times you feel like a heaping pile of dingleberries on a stick.

Ended up spending most the ride doing two things, 1) working on my form and cadence (pedal speed), especially on the climbs to distract me, and 2) listening to the 3rd draft of our Canadian mixtape for the upcoming Mixtape Apocalypse on June 22 (it’s coming along quite nicely, I believe). Just zoned out. Ended up making good time, strange how it all works. But man, what I wouldn’t give for a little nappy nap, or maybe just a little chill out in bed with baby for a little while. Mmm….

Also, as riding does, it gets you thinking, either thinking about the suffering, thinking about the awesomeness, or thinking of things completely unrelated to riding (I know, crazy man!). Today I got to tinkerin’ the idea of combining TSURURADIO and TSURUFOTO into one big happy bloggy bloggy blog blog. Seems silly to double post, TSURURADIO has become so much more than just music. Not sure yet, but considering it. If I do, since I own tsurufoto.com, I’ll probably move my portfolio there. Hmmm….. to be cont’d.

Anyways, I don’t want to short-change you today on any new I may be obsessing over, or short-change the artist with a shit discussion, so today let’s take advantage of the physical malaise to catch up on a few tsuruloosies floating about the intertubal glory holes of love, what do you say? Yeah? Cool? Alright, here we go…

Portugal The Man – People Say

Eagerly anticipated new album (already?) for me. Censored Colours kicked my ass (and still does) last year. But before the dust settled on it’s awesomeness, a new song pops up (and a new album is probably soon to follow). I believe this is the “single”, whatever hell that means these days. Well, I’ll say this…. it’s nice. Maybe even too nice. It sounds like Censored Colours, homogenized, pasteurized, and put on a grocery store shelf. Hopefully (as it cuts off abruptly at the end) this is just a transistional piece to a full on epic blow my ass out the water album? We’ll see… It is very nice though. Nice. Nice. The only word that comes in my head for it. Uh oh.

The Gossip – Heavy Cross

I’ll be the first to admit, I skipped the buzz/hype/complete-over-saturation of Dido, Ditto, whatever the hell her name is. Seeing her ALL OVER THE PLACE like that Lady Gaga crap now completely turned me away. But, you know, that’s not fair. Someone likes Gossip, I should at least give their new song a go, right? Not bad. Sounds like a bit of a rip-off of the 80’s, Pat Benatar maybe? I don’t know. It’s a fun song though, sure to enliven (is that a word? firefox says “yay”) a dance floor or two. A fun little throwaway song leaving me wondering what the fuss about Gossip is…. maybe it was all just a gimmick?

The Phenomenal Handclap Band – 15 to 20

Uh… seriously internet? Really? Sounds like a Fergie b-side reject. Yeah… “snaps” is right. Next.

The Clean – In The Dreamlife You Need A Rubber Soul

The Clean, eh? Interesting band name, but what of the song? Well… sounds like a kinda bland version of an Uncle Tupelo song that’s repetitive and goes literally no where. Sorry. It’s pretty unimaginative, don’t you think?

Dang. Like my testicles after the vasectomy, just shootin’ blanks today, aren’t we?

Fanfarlo – Luna

Alrighty, we are familiar with Fanfarlo, they ended up on a mixtape or two, here and there. Ah…. now this is nice. A sweet driving beat with what sounds like some mandolins, just cruising along until about the half-way point where it drops down, slow and sweet as the strings step up & take control. And oh man, is that a saw they are playing toward the end with a bit o’ the brass? Ah, the singing saw… gets me everytime. I’m such a sucker. Nice little redemption for the first few songs.

Cave Singers – Beach House

Okay, cool. This is pretty sweet, pretty chill, one of those songs that ends up being poignant at a concert. It’s got a mellow-build-up-climax bit, and really, overall very nice! I think I’ll need to spend a little more time with this one!

The Fiery Furnaces – The End is Near

Ah, the Fiery Furnaces, had a song of there’s one of my favourite little mixtapes we did way back! But that was then, what do we got today? Another chill song, but this one bounces a little more and starts with some excellet duet action. You know I love my boy-girl duets. Besides “You & I” with Feist & Wilco, they’ve been a little too few and too far in between lately. I like this song. Another one that deserves more time & love, can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

And a bonus “loosie” for all your cyclists out there…

Accel Gel Key Lime Advanced Sports Gel

So, my cycling partner and amateur Blackberry photographer, Tucker swears by the gels on our rides. But, whenever I borrow one, I spend a majority of time fighting back the urge to throw them up. It doesn’t help that they often have the consistency of pre-cum (uh, ew). But with the Tour De Cure and my desire to be as prepared as possible & strong like bear, I bought two and put them in my back pocket. I had one at around mile 70 that day, and I had the other this past Sunday when Tuck & I did 43 miles of hills, hills, and hills. According to their product page, it has sugar, sodium, proteins, vitamins, Yellow 5 and a little Blue 1. Did it work? Did it help me “Accel” by delivering quick energy and replace minerals lost in my sexily sweating body? No clue. BUT, it it was yummy and not too runny or too thick, even after sitting against my back for hours! It really tasted like key lime candy! I’m considering replacing my occasional candy-fix with this stuff. So yeah, you think gels are good but hate the taste & consistency, give this thing a go…

Alright, there you go. Weak stuff, fun stuff, and some goo to top it all off. More to come tomorrow, but for now, I think some sleep is in order…

Until then…. Zzzzzzzzzz,

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2 comments for “tsuruloosies… A sleepy Tsuru gets caught up!?!

  1. Matt
    June 16, 2009 at 5:33 PM

    I'm so thrilled to see SOMEBODY out there give a little love to Portugal. The Man. How this band isn't huge is beyond me. I can't wait for "The Satanic Satanist" to come out (and rumor – or Twitter – has it that another LP is mastered and tracked for release right afterwards). Amazing!

  2. Tsuru
    June 16, 2009 at 6:15 PM

    Censored Colours was in my top x of last year! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD and aging so well!!! I'm a little nervous at the speed they are recording for some reason, but so excited!

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