tsuruloosie: Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Yes Cover) by Grizzly Bear…

Grizzly Bear – Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Yes cover)

Apparently Grizzly Bear has decided to make a play for the Most Tsururific Awesomest Album Of 2009 by releasing a cover of a Yes song, namely their 80’s “comeback” Trevor Rabin-enhanced “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”, seen here in it’s original video-awesomeness glory:

Personally, I find the move crass & blatant pandering to what they mistakenly believe to be a influence maker, an album mover, a splitter of seas… Shame on you Grizzly Bear. If you wanted my love, all you needed to do was send a tender animated gif, like so:


Well, since we’re here and the cover’s there, well… okay… I’ll take it, let me, uh, let’s see, uh, yeah, let me just get a vase. There we go… It really is quite lovely, did you pick out the tempo yourself? I like how it’s nice and slow and thought out, not a hint of making-fun-irony to be found, and that’s important to me when covering prog. And the harmonies, oh my, so different than what the gals get back at the office.

Come ‘ere ya big bear, you… Give me a kiss, just no tongue… not yet. We still got a few months to go, okay? Yeah….. oh my!

….I hope they’ll still respect me in the new year.

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