The week that was, the weekend that is to be in Tsuru Land… a, uh, Tsuru Tsummary, if you will, HA!

Photography by Tsuru

It’s been a big week, so I thought we should take this Friday afternoon to look back at the week that was, and the weekend that is to be, just in case you missed it and your scroll wheel’s broke.

TSURURADIO Highlights:

Tsuru And The Bride Updates & Events:

  • Baby’s been a busy bird as she’s getting ready for this weekend’s Comfest! She, along with 4 other crafty peeps, will have a Etsy Team Columbus booth, probably along Park St. but at the festival. Come visit her, say “allo!”, and who knows, maybe buy a clutch or two or three….
  • I’ve been busy with TSURUFOTO, setting up shoots with three new models, shooting a artist friend’s work Saturday, and posting two new prints in the shop. You can get all the deets over at Tsuru And The Bride!
  • Tsuru Tsycling (i.e. Tucker and myself) will be racing in the Tour De Grandview on Sunday! This is my first race, so I’m in the Category 5 twelve mile event (a one mile loop through Grandview, twelve laps). We’ll be the guys in our national jerseys representing Austria & Canada (GO RED & WHITE!), so after you hit Comfest, come on over & root us along!!!

Beyond Tsuru Land:

  • The “it comes in threes” thing continues unabated as we see Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson call it quits and move on to join the folding & unfolding quantum universe.
  • Portugal. The Man’s The Satantic Satanist and La Roux’s self-titled album leaked out.
  • People turned their Twitter avatars green, and not for the environment. Not sure what it did, but if one person in Iran felt stronger because of it, then it’s worth it.

There you go, you are up to date! Have a great weekend, I’d imagine Sunday I’ll be able to get a little vinyl up, if the good lard’s a-willin’. So, until then….


Tsuru & The Bride

& yes, even Twitter

3 comments for “The week that was, the weekend that is to be in Tsuru Land… a, uh, Tsuru Tsummary, if you will, HA!

  1. Tsuru Bride
    June 26, 2009 at 4:29 PM

    Don't forget David Carradine, though he wasn't this week, but that hit recent deaths at 4.

  2. nicole
    June 30, 2009 at 12:39 PM

    Your bride's designs are amazing… I added her to my "favorites" on Etsy. LOVE the dog clutches. I'll start saving my pennies now.

  3. Tsuru
    June 30, 2009 at 1:18 PM

    They really are, Nicole! I'm one lucky mofo, eh??? I wish I was HALF as talented as her!

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