The Knot by Wye Oak: All this dirt is my disease…

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Electrifying bike rides aside, I gots a hankering for some new music! Honestly, I first gave the new YACHT a go this morning. I really liked “Pyschic City” and thought maybe the electronic-based band would tie in nicely to all the lightning I came across this morning. But sadly, it didn’t stick…. Just felt kinda empty. Yeah, had some fun beats, uh, dropping and stuff, but nope, no connection.

No worries though, there are a million albums in the queue, one I just loaded up today, a Maryland band called Wye Oak and their latest The Knot.

With a name Wye Oak, I’d imagine the first thing that would come to your head is some slow honky-tonk-esque americana, right? Well, if you grabbed our And If I Found You In This City, I’d Call It Paradise Mixtape!!!, you might’ve heard “Take It In” (don’t worry, it’s part of today’s post) and you might’ve noticed there is a certain understated soft-hard thing going on here. Yeah, there’s some americana in the way the guitar twangs, or the slide guitar here & there, or the way they harmonize, etc, but I don’t think that’s what they are all about.

I think that component is just part of their genetics, not some decade+ too late stab at No Depression, more of an ingrained thing. Wow. I just realized… Some people who are IN bands today maybe have grown up (literally, like their single-digit years) on the early 90’s alt-country “movement”. Man, I suddenly feel really old.

Anyways, I think Wye Oak is a culmination of many styles they’ve come across in their life, everything from folk to even that shoegaze stuff. The results are blessed mix of the understated and powerful. It’s like a pot of water on the stove, slowing churning and churning as it gets heated up, seeming to take forever to get to boiling so you can get your angel hair in there because you are making a nice chicken sausage, olive oil, pasta dish for your honey, you turn your back to cut some bread (because you picked up some of that garlic and herb butter and a loaf of sour dough bread) and suddenly the damn thing’s boiling over!

I’m just glad they aren’t like YACHT, where, in this analogy, is closer to one of these things…

There’s something organic about what Wye Oak’s doing, even with every cord plugged in and every instrument turned up loud, and I likes it!!! Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget…


TSURURADIO & The 405 Present…
A Battle Of The Mixtapes!!!
Canada VS. California…

Here’s the deets…

This Corner: TSURURADIO for Canada
That Corner: The 405 for California
What: 60 minute mixtapes representing each “country”
Where: On our BLOGGY BLOGS!!!
When: June 22, 2009

Be here and be ready for THE MIXTAPE APOCALYPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch as THE 405 goes down, like a crack whore on a “john” with a $5 bill!!!! HAHA!

Okay, noooooow enjoy!

Wye Oak – 01 Milk and Honey
Wye Oak – 02 For Prayer

All this dirt is my disease…

Wye Oak – 03 Take It In

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