Some congrats & thanks, the D’s, and Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear: Will you always, maybe sometimes, make it easier?

Photography by the third eye

We did it!!!! Who’s “we”? What is it? “We” is you and me and “it” is raise a shit load of scratch for diabetes research!

First, the Great TSURURADIO Swag TOUR De CURE Donation Auction celebration was a success! Congratulations and a big ol’ honkin’ THANK YOU goes to Caleb for bidding and winning helping us raise another $117.50 for the cause!!! WOOT!!! Your swag package is going out today! I can’t say it enough, but thank you, thank you! So, with our auction moneys and all the moneys you guys have generously donated we are at….

*drum roll*

You sure you are ready??

$1,254.50!!! WOOHOO!

Seriously….. How awesome is that? Everyone came through by either participating or by spreading the word and in the end, we did it!!!! HOORAY! Cue balloons & congratulatory music!

Wow…. Goosebumps!
And not only does that mean we raised a shit load of money, but as a cherry on our deliciously metaphorical cake it also means we BEAT RHONDA FRUM!!! Pictured below in her true form…

Diabetes loses! Rhonda loses! And WE WIN!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

All that’s left now is the ride on Saturday. I’m ready. I’m ready freddie ready ready. Did about 40 miles, hard, yesterday, and now this week I’m going to take it easy, keep my legs moving sure, but keep them fresh and happy. Then Saturday at 6:30 am in Westerville, OH, with my beautiful red Canada jersey (with my cycling partner in his Austria jersey (we now have 4 sets of coordinated jerseys, ha!)) I’m off….. I’ll be riding for you, for current & future diabetics, for Canada (i.e. my baby), and, of course, for me. I’m so excited! I promise to make you guys proud!

But that’s still 5 days away…. Until then, we got our music to keep us warm, right? First off is tonight as our beloved Decemberists will be in town at the Promowest Pavillion by our house! Word is they are playing Hazards Of Love straight through, taking a little break, then playing a full 2nd set of gems from their other albums….. man, should be fantastic with lots of great concert swag to choose from to commemorate the good times. If you are in Bustown and going tonight, come say “allo!” I’ll be the guy with the black hair or nifty hat with black glasses on. Hope to see you then!

But the D’s are tonight and tonight is not now. No, now is what’s playing in my aging ears and at the moment it’s a beauty…. Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear.

I’ve actually had this for a while when the first leaky leak showed up on the glorious intertubes, the 128kbps one that the band lamented about the quality of. I don’t know, sounded pretty amazing to me and even showed up on a mixtape or two! But with the 320kbps out and the album actually available for purchase, it was time to give this album a little spotlight lovins all it’s own. As Brandon Flowers would sing…

Grizzly you’re a starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

What can I say about Veckatimest? Haunting melodies that are both, a glorious symphony & a demented circus tent, layers of instrumentation (everything from recorders to laptops which are, apparently, instruments now), and the topper, the main event??? Simply stunning harmonies…. Every now and then, it gets a little too Department Of Eagles-y, but with a distinct voice being shared by the two different bands, that’s bound to happen.

I don’t know, this is just one of the beautiful albums you stop everything and listen, hard. Something you devote time to or don’t listen to at all, with the exception of tossing a few appropriate tracks on a mixtape, of course… ;)

Okay, let’s get to it. Have a great Monday, all (I know I will). Thank you again… I really do have the best readers in all of Bloggy Land.

Grizzly Bear – 01 Southern Point
Grizzly Bear – 02 Two Weeks

Will you always
maybe sometimes
Make it easier?

Grizzly Bear – 03 All We Ask
Grizzly Bear – 04 Fine for Now

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