Server update & a tsuruloosie… David by The Radio Dept.


So… looks like posting on Wilco a little while back was nonesuch a good idea (haha! Get it?). DMCA notice went to the server hosts and BLAMO!, the whole folder was kaputz. You see, I forgot Nonesuch was owned by Warner Bros, and they don’t take kindly to loving their artists. I could rant about how many people tell me about all the great albums they bought after hearing the first few songs we post and all that other jazz, but I’d be preaching to the choir (you) or ranting against a monolith (them), neither will do me a bit of good. So, the folder’s gone. But I had a few nice & indie good times here with me to get back up, so we did. As for the rest we’ll either a) get it up or b) just let it go. The folder was in dire shape of some cleaning up anyway…. And as momma always says, “One way to clean a house is to drop it in a black hole, eh?” Eh, indeed… Check. Done.

So let’s move on with a little tsuruloosie, a song making it’s way across the intertubes as we speak (man, who’s a current bird? I am! SQUAWK!)…

The Radio Dept. – David

So, no clue who The Radio Dept is, so let’s see whats we gots? Starts off with a lovely casio keyboard effect, then more, then a sweet little easy peasy beat. Ah, nice vocals, a little over-processed, but fits the synthy action going on all over the place. Pretty chill actually. Yep, that pretty much sums up the song, chill. Chilly chill. Probably be pretty sweet on a mixtape, or on in some swanky LA lounge near closing time, but that’s about. Pretty nice… Thanks internet!

Oh and hey…. if there’s something you need that’s not available over the next day or so, just let me know! Bloggin’……. ALWAYS an adventure, eh? WHEE!

1 comment for “Server update & a tsuruloosie… David by The Radio Dept.

  1. Will
    June 2, 2009 at 10:14 PM

    sucks, maybe in the future these labels will back off. cds are pretty much dead now anyway!

    love the blog, keep up the great work!


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