Limbo, Panto by Wild Beasts & the schism of Tsuru????

Photography by Popescu Silvestru Alexandru

Well… this post won’t win us any new fans, in fact, it might scare off a few. I was going to not write about this album, was going to find something, anything, to discuss that may be easier to think about, but I’d be faking it. This is what I’m listening to today and the early part of yesterday, it’s what I heard on Saturday night at our favourite dessert/wine haunt Apropos, what I mentioned in our ride report, and I need to get this out! It’s one of the most fucked up little albums I’ve heard and didn’t delete in I don’t know how long…. It’s Limbo, Panto by Wild Beasts!

In one sense, this is some fucked-up brilliant indie-pop/rock modern-day-incarnation of Jazz-era Queen (or something?) and in another sense, it’s absolutely horrible. Yep. I have absolutely no idea how I feel about this, but I keep listening to it. I love it AND hate it. Normally, it’s one or the other, or a big heaping spoonful of “meh“, but this time, it’s, well, kinda both.

A schism has developed in the space between my ears. Musically, it’s bright, alive, theatrical, and shifting, but ultimately it comes back to (as I’m sure EVERY review ever on this album did) the vocals. I can only describe it as “operatic falsetto”. At times, it almost makes Antony (of Antony & The Johnsons) seem like one of those plain-jane throwaway American Idol contestants (really, are you still watching that? do you REALLY care if that kid is gay? Well, maybe you are a young, single, & gay man yourself, then… maybe you do, but otherwise… c’mon), yeah… that’s how over-the-top it is at times.

I think for most of you, you will hate it… and honestly, I can’t blame you, remember I do too. But for a few of you, maybe just the post-Florida-weirdos (you Floridians know what I’m talking about, land of the freak show, remember? Ever been to Gibsonton? yeah, I was born a bike ride away), I don’t know, someone at Domino Records sure seemed to think there was something in a pedophile-looking falsetto-molesting moustachioed-led band, and part of me (maybe the aging eccentric?) kinda sorta not really agrees..

Jumpin’ Jesus spoonin’ Mary, I can’t even commit a full sentence to saying I like it! But I do! But I don’t! ARGH!

Wild Beasts – 01 Vigil For A Fuddy Duddy
Wild Beasts – 02 The Club of Fathomless Love
Wild Beasts – 03 The Devil’s Crayon

This tuly is
the devil’s crayon
tracing your shoulder blades…

We are so many pieces.

Wild Beasts – 04 Woeboegone Wanderers

Go show these literal Wild Beasts all your love here, here, & here! And looky, even got a sweet video of “The Devil’s Crayon” to share…… So, what do YOU think?

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