Josephine by Magnolia Electric Co: This little lamb lays her heart at the feet of the lion..

Photography by Kira

Today’s gem takes me back, happy sigh… but first, a little update.

The MIXTAPE APOCALYPSE continues unabated as we have already finished 2nd draft in our O CANADA mixtape!!! But…. before we make it to the final draft that we will present on June 22, the official mixtape, the one that will DESTROY The 405 (can you believe the shit he was saying about us??), I want all you Canadians & Floricanadians to come down to the Society or the Facebooks and give us your thoughts, feedback, etc. The emotionally & mentally desolate California and with it, The 405 must be put in their place!!! Don’t forget to set your VCRs, cuz this shit’s going down. And, in case you don’t like clicking links and missed it on Friday, here’s the deety deety details:

TSURURADIO & The 405 Present… The Battle Of The Mixtapes!!!
Canada VS. California… CA V. CA!

This Corner: Tsuru aka me of TSURURADIO for Canada
That Corner: Oliver of
The 405 for California
What: 60 minute mixtapes that represent each “country”

Where: Our computers on our respective blogs, of course

When: June 22, 2009

Be here and be there and be ready! Cuz….. someone’s going down, and by “someone”, I mean Oliver.

Okay…. What else? Oh yeah, my new shop! Gotta pay the bills, right? This site don’t pay itself and I’m not a fan of advertising, so I’ve taken my photography to the wonderful home of all independent artisans & designers, Etsy to create…

TSURUFOTO: Etsy Edition!!!

Got a few prints available, just a smattering to get used to posting and see how it all works there. Expect much more, from works you’ve seen here on our mixtape covers, on TSURUFOTO, and some that have never seen the light of the intertubes! And, of course, if you see a photo of mine that’s not on Etsy, but you want a print, drop me an email and we’ll work something out…. WOOT!

Remember all proceeds go to the continuation of the TSURU Family of sites!

Alright! Today’s gem… I said it takes me back and granted it JUST leaked, like, over the weekend or something, you may be a tad confused. Let me try to explain what I mean what I feel when I’m listening to Josephine by Magnolia Electric Co….

Putting on Josephine was like stepping into a warm bath in a quiet country house after a particularly long & hard day working on cars or something. There’s something very familiar and comforting in the old school country influences that override the overall aesthetic. Forgetting the potential ages of the participants (as I’m not looking it up) but think Okkervil River & Neko Case had a baby boy and named it Magnolia Electric Co. At times, it reminds me of summer afternoons at my Grandma’s house snapping green beans on the porch with some old country crooner playing in the background on the 8-track. It’s one of those memories of a time long gone, the kind that take over a few senses, where you don’t just see it in your mind, but you can hear it in the songs, and even smell it, the smell of my Grandma’s flowers, her perfume, the roast in the oven…

Happy sigh…

Honestly, it’s just beautiful and at times stunning (with a few droplets of “rocking” here and there). Molina has created an alt-country gem that would’ve made most any in the 90’s No Depression movement proud (and a tad jealous) and it serves as a perfect way to glide me into a gorgeous & sunny Monday.

Here’s the first few tracks to get you started, then go buy the rest!


Magnolia Electric Co – 01 O! Grace
Magnolia Electric Co – 02 The Rock Of Ages

This little lamb lays her heart
at the feet of the lion..

Magnolia Electric Co – 03 Josephine

Go show Magnolia Electric Co. all your sweet love here, here, and here.


C’mon Canucks! I need you… come play along here:

& yes, even TWITTER

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