I’m Going Away by The Fiery Furnaces: Get away from my window, quit knockin’ at my door…

Photography by yagizyilmaz

Well, I think it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways, that we here at TSURURADIO handed the good folks at The 405 a swift (and harsh) defeat. I kinda feel bad, you know? It’s like watching those college football games when one of those top something teams plays Butt-Fuck Nowhere Tech and wipes the field with a 63 to 0 loss.

As a spectator, you sit there, drinking beer, watching the carnage, before spilling out on the streets to flip some garbage cans and light an abandoned couch on fire.

Seriously, folks….. why do people do that? I really (really, really) don’t understand civil unrest due to sporting events. Now, if the players were the ones in the streets, upset and vandalizing peoples trash, MAYBE I could understand, they actually have something invested in the event, but spectators???

I guess what I’m trying to say is…. fans of TSURURADIO & The 405, let’s keep our cool, show other fans how it’s done, be a leader. Fans of The 405, accept defeat with your head high, chin up, like a “real man”, don’t be a sore loser. Fans of TSURURADIO, no need to throw it in anyone’s faces anymore…. no one likes a gloater. Besides, gloating can only lead to one thing, douchebaggery.

Once a douchebag, you are only a few benchpresses, a fake tan, and some hair gel away from Douchebag Phase 2:

I think I just vomited a little bit.

So, instead, just take comfort in our victory, that the Canada is indeed superior to California, or in internet text “speak” Canada >>>>> California, and move on.

In today’s case, we’ll move to neutral territory, to hipster ground zero, yep, to Brooklyn, New York (pronounced “Brook Liiiine” to the natives), where on any given day, you are sure to see a fixed-gear bicycle with handle bars cut to the length of a pencil

And where you will see on most street corners a collection of white people standing around looking like this:

Though, no offense to the middle couple, but I doubt their hipster legitimacy, unless that look is ironic, which it may be… my ability to see irony has diminished as my ironically non-ironic ironic look has become too ironic for me to see the irony anymore.

And what does one do on the street corner in Brooklyn? Well watch guys on fixed-gear bikes do “tricks”, of course, duh, that, for some reason beyond my ability to understand, tend to involve putting your genitals in very close contact with your handle bars. See!

I think that second guy may already be in the Douchebag Process, passed phase one, not quite at phase two. It’s very popular, this trick, it’s gotten to where even kids have gotten in on the genital/handlebar trick!

No thanks. I hit my genitals on my handlebars in an accident once when I was a teenager on a shitty ten speed and since then, I’m pretty content to keep my genitals on or above my saddle. Well and maybe near the top tube when I’m relaxing at a light, but that’s it.

But look, I’m not here to make fun of hipsters, they are an easy target and there are already plenty sites devoted to it, with AND without bicycles. I’m here instead to talk of a band that came out of Brooklyn, dammit, the ever quirky, always fun, Fiery Furnaces and their latest I’m Going Away

I first made audio contact with The Fiery Furnaces on one of our super awesome mixtapes a couple years back, “Egyptian Grammar” I think it was. Great song, need to pull that mixtape back out of the archives. What I remembered when thunk fondly back to the song was how fun & unconventional the song was. Then we had a tsuruloosie review of “The End Is Near” and I really started getting excited to see what I’m Going Away was going to bring!

Well, over the weekend, it leak out all over the intertubes, a virtual musical bukkake all over our collective faces and after a final review of our Transmissions From Canada mixtape, I popped this bad boy on and let what may happen happen!

Eleanor and Matthew didn’t disappoint! If there’s one complaint I can see being made about the album, it’s that it seems disorganized, a bit “all over the place”, but I think that’s actually, kinda like Ween but without the potty humour, one of their strengths! It starts off kinda like a spaghetti western, then drops into a chill groove, then another, then “bop bop bop-bop, bop bop bop”! Up, down, their voices being your line of continuity as we drift from piano/lounge guitar chill to pop to the ominous “Staring At The Steeple”. It’s a fun ride to be sure that somehow fits all together, eventhough, at times, by a thread.

Here’s the first few tracks on the new album. Get your taster on and then go buy the rest! Enjoy!

The Fiery Furnaces – 01 I’m Going Away

Get away from my window
Quit knockin’ at my door…

The Fiery Furnaces – 02 Drive To Dallas
The Fiery Furnaces – 03 The End Is Near

Go show these hot furnaces all your love here, here, and here


Tsuru & The Bride

& yes, even Twitter

Oh and hey… while googling them for their link love links above, came across two of their videos. Check ’em out and enjoy!


“Tropical Iceland”

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