Fantasy Of The Lot by The Lovely Feathers: Hey, you got stories in your past…

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Okay, I lied. I said yesterday that I would talk about some annoying, yet strangely addictive music today that I heard at Apropos. Well, I’m not ready to talk about that one… No, there’s an incredible album that swept me over late last week (I was a little distracted to give it a fair discussion) and came back to kick my ass yesterday, Fantasy Of The Lot by The Lovely Feathers…

Dear jesus joining the mile high club, what the hell is going on in Montreal? Beautiful city, highly recommend a visit, rent some bikes and ride up Mont-Royal, absolutely wonderful, and yeah, there’s definitely a little indie-vibe when you wander around the right areas, but who knew that constantly, over and over and over, it would keep producing some of the most interesting & eclectic variations on “indie pop/rock”! It’s a world of music that seems to think different genres are only there to be utilized to create deviations from the melody or to take an album down an alley, just to see where it goes.

For all you who’ve been entrenched in the indie scene thingy, yeah, we, know this is probably old news, and yeah, I’m not making any new grand revelations, but listening Fantasy Of The Lot, I was struck again by the whole “Montreal thing”, the whole Unicorns/Clues/Islands, Wolf Parade/Sunset Rubdown, etc, etc, etc thing….. Meaning, I was happily awestruck.

Must be the water? Nah, too cliche. Probably something in that French-Canadian dualism, something that creates an inner conflict between US/Britain-Canuck and the “Nous sommes français!! in them. There’s a schizo-ADD-gemini-ism in our dear Québécois, something I can, as a Florocanadian & gemini, sympathize with…

What whatever the hell it is, let’s hope the equilibrium holds true and it just keeps on coming down Route 20, along the 401, over to the QEW, and ultimately my way. Yeah, I love this album.


The Lovely Feathers – 01 Lowiza
The Lovely Feathers – 02 Long Walks

When we go on long walks
we go on very long walks,
When we go on long walks
we go on very long walks,

you shot your lover in the park.
you got stories in your past.

The Lovely Feathers – 03 Fad

Pretty amazing, eh? Now, go show all your love to these Lovely Feathers here, here, and here!



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  1. theneedledrop
    September 18, 2009 at 5:52 AM

    Lovely Feathers frikkin rules!

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