Eminem and Bruno…. The Animated Gif.

The ONLY mentionable thing to come out of MTV in YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAARRSS….. The tea-baggin’ of king rappin’ douche, Mn’M. No, I didn’t watch the show (that’s what the internet is for, why waste my time when I’ll have an animated gif shortly thereafter!) and yeah, like everything on MTV, it was stage, but it’s still pretty funny.

*UPDATE – Looks like the animated gif was taken down… no matter, saved it at home, will have to update it later…. ;) Here’s a screen capture instead (for now)…

**UPDATE #2: For your teabagging, shaved ass-cheek pleasure, my d/l of the gif is back up! WOOT! and we’ll keep the screencap here for your avatar needs….

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