El Radio by Chris Garneau: Let them be buried, buried alive…

Photography by Kayla Dee is Fond Of Tea

Howdy & happy Wednesday to you.. “Hump Day”, as it be, and though today may be the day to hump your loved ones, it was yesterday that two albums came out that we’ve discussed before that I hope you consider buying, Sunset Rubdown’s Dragonslayer (I gots mine, in vinyl!) and R.E.M’s remastered reissue of Reckoning (which I hope to pick up very soon), oh and hey, Murmurs remastered on vinyl came out too (though, I’ll be damned if I can find a link on the intertubes)! Dang… I got some shopping to do!

But let us not besmirch today as it’s is turning out to be pretty amazing as well! Not only did I have a fantastic ride in, seriously, no backpack today (I think that’s a first) and was able to literally “hammer” up the hills in the drops, the final one at a nice mid-20’s pace… WOOT! But it also looks like one of favourite bands, Portugal. The Man has leaked. So kaloo-kalay to that as well, eh? Yeah. Looking forward to wrapping my ears around that one later.

And then we have today’s gem that is massaging this abused body & mind of mine as we speak, El Radio by Chris Garneau…

Hmm…. any relation to Canadian champion cyclist Louis Garneau? Let’s compare:

The first photo is of Louis (that jersey is available to buy! as is the vintage Eddy Merckx one I just saw in a Sunday In Hell last night) and the second is of Chris, in case you weren’t too sure.. Hmm… I do see SOME resemblance, in the chin really and in that far off to the left distance stare, but that’s about it. Maybe they both have the “Garneau Chin”, or something. Any other Garneaus out there care to chime in?

Anywhos….. El Radio. I guess they call this chamber pop, baroque pop, or some variation of that, right? Well, what I’m getting is a voice that is very reminiscent of our boy Emil Svan√§ngen of Loney, Dear but instead of a variation of folk-busking with bit electronic flava, we have predominantly piano-driven pop, chock full of the strings and quirky back-up vocals. It’s an odd little album, but a beautiful & peaceful oddness that flows over you, making you smile at your own eccentricities. I like that.

Oh, and like yesterday, during the link love searching, googling, and fondling I found a video for you from his last album, Music For Tourist. I didn’t get into that album much, but after falling for El Radio, I think I might need to give it another go, eh?

Not too shabby! So, do what I’m doing, give El Radio a go, then go pick it up, then go give Music For Tourist a go, and who knows, maybe Chris will get our moneys twice!

For now, let’s just start with a few tracks…. Enjoy!

Chris Garneau – 01 The Leaving Song
Chris Garneau – 02 Dirty Night Clowns

I can’t clear
the leaves from here
they’re too far under the brush this year….

Let them be buried, buried alive
In their suits, in their ties.

Chris Garneau – 03 Raw and Awake

Now, go show Mr. Garneau all your love here, here, and here….


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  1. Beth
    July 28, 2009 at 2:20 PM

    thanks a million

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