Death & destruction from above… Alternate Title: The cycling gods had it out for me today!

Photography by Tsuru

Quick post (we’ll get to the music in a later post)…

Apparently, the cycling gods were out to kill me today. First, they fooled Yahoo/ by saying there as a chance of thunderstorms (what it says everyday, by the way) and by showing a radar image with all of Ohio, except the wee-Northwest corner, being clear.

So, at 6:30am I hop on my bike. It’s cloudy and darker than normal, but that’s fine and not unusual by any means, it normally just means a cooler ride in. I make my way through downtown and start getting to the first set of suburbs called Bexley when I notice things started getting darker and darker and periodically I’m seeing flashes of light in the sky.

No problem. I LOVE riding in the rain, even with a touch of lightning. It’s quite invigorating and gives me that manly-warrior-feeling. I’m continuing on and instead of rain, it’s just getting darker and the lightning is getting more and more defined. You can kinda feel the electricity in the air. See that photo up top, it’s normally sunny & full on daytime at the time I took that.

I’m from Florida and if you are too you know that feeling when a really nasty thunderstorm’s a brewing. You don’t have to see it to know it’s there….. So as I’m cruising along getting near the halfway point on an industrial stretch of road, I’m starting to get nervous.

I drop of rain hits me and I know it’s about to flood. I pull up to some office building that has a little cover at the entrance way and start putting everything in my back pack in the grocery bags I keep stuffed at the bottom. I put my backpack back on when, CER-RACK-BOOOOOOM! SHABLAMO! BOOM-BOOM!!! And then came the rain…. hard.

Yep. I was stuck. Even I have my limits. I started calling for rides, but it was pretty early still, but found my boss who was up and about taking her kids to daycare. About 20 minutes later, Kapu & I were in a minivan on our way to work….. That was close.

Tsuru – 1
Cycling Gods – Well, 1,000 or so by now, but not this time!!!! HA!

Before my ride showed up, I had some time to kill, so I tried to get a picture of some lightning with my little point & click. And check it out, I actually got one:

Pretty cool, eh? It was shortly after this were I think I saw the BIGGEST lightning bolt of my life, and I’m from the damn lightning capital of the world!! Freaked the living poo out of me and made me even more thankful I bailed on the commute……

There was a moment were I contemplated continuing on and just getting wet, but then something kinda creeped me out. Before I was able to catch anyone on the phone, I looked up at the sky, and though previously ALL the clouds were moving steadily in the general Northeast direction, there was this collection of clouds above me that were just doing their own thing, merging, and basically re-enacting The Perfect Storm.

“Converging Clouds”

Yeah, I was done riding for the morning. Anyways, checking out some new albums, wonder if anything will stick? I got a hankering for something that’ll fit in with all the extra fun I’ve had this morning.

Hope the ride home will be a little less death & destruction



& yes, even TWITTER

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