Born Of Flag Day by Deer Tick: Tonight I’ll see my sweetheart, I’ve got a 50 dollar bill…

Photography by RetardSock

Deer ticks aren’t nice. They spread lyme disease. They are ugly little boogers that end up being fodder for House’s vagina exploring mysteries. Here they are in their various stages of their evil little life, from larvae to engorged adult male (black) and female (a saucy orange/yellow)…

Don’t you just love that word, “engorged”. Use it at a dinner! Just put your fork down near the end, lean back, undo your belt, rub your inflated belly and say, “Ooo-whee! I’m engorged like a deer tick on a deer! Now, that there was some good grub!”


I’ll give you this, deer ticks do make for a lovely scientific illustration (man I love these kinds of drawings), but don’t let the “vintage drawing” that would look really cool in your hallway fool you, deer ticks aren’t your friend.

So, when I saw that Born On Flag Day by Deer Tick popped up on the intertubal supersystem of connected pooters, I approached it nervously, can of Off! in one hand, a fly swatter in the other, ready to swat & spray at first sign of a bite (metaphorically speaking, for those not playing along).

Well, I think I know why they call themselves that now. When you listen, you see the perfect setting for Deer Tick’s sound, at a festival or open-air amphitheatre, sitting on a lawn, probably stoned or “engorged” on a doobie (they still call ’em doobies, right?), covered in deer ticks, like the Deadheads of yore. Hell, they even call their groupies “Tickheads” Local 401, a handy combination of the whole Deadhead/Phishhead thing and the hipster working-man aesthetic that’s still around (yet being over-taken by “bros” I hear, dear lard, boys will do ANYTHING to get laid, won’t they?), PBR and all! Quite brilliant, really…

Strip all that away and what you got is simply a pretty cool jam-band with bits of country, folk, and 50’s rock thrown in for flavour. And you know, after a hard day at “the shop”, sometimes you DO just want to pull the tab on a PBR, pop a squat, and let someone else take you away, kinda like Calgon, but more patchouli oil smelling…

Good times…. Enjoy!

Deer Tick – 01 Easy
Deer Tick – 02 Little White Lies
Deer Tick – 03 Smith Hill

Tonight I’ll see my sweetheart,
I’ve got a 50 dollar bill…

Anyone know what the hell “Flag Day” is? Is it really necessary? Oh well & anyways… Just go show Deer Tick all your love here, here, and here. Oh and looky, a video off their website from SXSW, good band, good times.. I think I’m going to go smoke me one of them doobie things, and by “smoke” I mean eat, and by “doobie” I mean the leftover steak we brought in for lunch. Mmm…..

Oh lardy…. I’m so engorged now.



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