You give me health…. that technicolor health!

Photography by Rachel

Well…. lots of rain, a bit o’ thunder & lightning, a port-a-potty, an idiot on the 161 overpass, and a little tailwind made for a very wet, interesting, fun, & fast ride in!!! WOOT!

But waiting for me was/is/will be a very busy day. So no new music right now, but no matter…. Why? Because it’s Technicolor Health by Harlem Shakes that is keeping the good feelings (and the chemicals one’s body produces during those good feelings) from the ride a-flowing through my blood. Such a such a such a good good good album, periodically my album of the year (depends on when you ask, of course). So to post on anything else would make me a big fat liar liar cycling shorts on fire!

Did you miss our post on it? Don’t fret because a) they been in most of recent mixtapes and b) though Wilco & Passion Pit are still consuming most the intertube’s bloggy blogs, there are still a few people posting on our Harlem Shakes right here, even me! HA!

So, load ’em up, turn ’em up loud and sing and dance and smile, then repeat, then repeat again!!! And if you need more music or just a geeky ass place to hang out, come see us down in the Society or over on the Facebooks!

F A C E B O O K & O U R S O C I E T Y

Maybe, if I can keep my ass up tonight (sorry baby, I’ve been such a sleepy head), I’ll be able to get some good times up for you, so until then………


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