Wilco (the Album): You were a blessing and I was a curse…

Photography by Flai

It’s just a week of nostalgia, isn’t it, Cracker and now Wilco. This time it’s their post-ironically named (you like that? I have no idea what it means) Wilco (The Album)… clever, eh? It even features “Wilco (The Song)” played by, yep you guessed it, Wilco (the band). Oh the joy & humour! I can see the write-ups now on, well, everthing. Prepare for some opportunistic writers to inject some major (majour?) funniness in their reviews.

You know, Jack down in the Society is right, give that cover a little yellow tint and BLAMO, you got a Wes Anderson screen shot from Darjeeling Limited.

Okay, that’s nice and all, but what of the album, right? Well, it’s quite nice, as, well, as expected (damn, how many commas can one use in a sentence? For reference, commas are used as a resting place, I write how I think which is how I speak, so for the previous sentence, you can read it like this, “Well (pause) it’s quite nice (pause) as (pause as I look down at my ipod sitting on my desk playing the album) well (pause, c’mon, what’s the right word?) as expected (period)”)

What does that mean, “nice as expected”? Just like Sky Blue Sky (or was it Blue Sky Blue?), the songs are well-crafted, smart, and lovely, but, you know, kinda safe. Tha’ts not bad or anything… in fact, as the skies darken and the threat of rain is looming in the air, it’s fitting right into my mental place! But part of me wishes for a little bit more Summerteeth & Yankee Foxtrot Hotel “experimentalism” versus what comes off as a slight settling in to this AOR am radio groove.

Ah, I hope I’m not sounding to negative, like I said, it is quite nice, and sure to fill in on some of those days where “quite nice” is “just perfect”, you know? Yeah, you guys get me by now…. So enjoy the first few tracks, then go check it out for yourself, you know, like via a little pre-order at your local record store? You know, just thinking out loud.


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1. Wilco (The Song)
2. Deeper Down
3. One Wing

You were a blessing
and I was a curse
I did my best not to make things worse
for you…
it isn’t true…

4. Bull Black Nova
5. You and I
6. You Never Know
7. Country Disappeared
8. Solitaire
9. I’ll Fight
10. Sunny Feeling
11. Everlasting

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