Until The Earth Begins To Part by Broken Records: Watch the TV, tell me what you see!

Photography by icanchanDesign

Let me ask you something….. Are ready to get your emotin’ on? I said, ARE YOU READY TO GET YOUR EMOTIN’ ON?!?!?! Because, let me tell you my friends, every damn syllable that comes out of the voice of Broken Records is just oozing with guts, saliva, facial expressions, and, well, emotion. I can imagine, when they are not playing, his face looks something like this…

Yeah, painful, I know… at first listen, it was actually a little off-putting, (versus pudding, which is yummy and can even be breast-enhancing! Though…. I wonder what else a chemically enhanced pudding will help “grow”), but after as you listen again and again, you find each song build on itself and on each other, as strings and horns build and grow and crescendo! I have no idea if I used “crescendo” right, but I’m going with my gut on this one).

Society member Story put it wonderfully, saying “I don’t always like where the songs start out but I absolutely love the way the songs end up.” You start a song off, and you think, “Alright, okay, nice but where are we going?”, but then it goes somewhere alright and more and more as the supporting cast takes the songs to all kinds of heights, causing you own emoting to trickle out your pores.

Yeah, it’s kinda like that….. good times…..


Broken Records – 01 Nearly Home
Broken Records – 02 If The News Makes You Sad, Don’t Watch it

Watch the TV
tell me what you see
All these bleeding wounds
and rising seas
they don’t mean much to me…

Broken Records – 03 Until The Earth Beings To Part

Go show the Broken Records (the band, not the label or magazine or whatever) all you love here, here, and here, seriously, it’s only like £3, that’s what, like a toonie? Barely even gas money!

Oh, and looky-looky! A video!

“Until The Earth Begins”, the lead-off single from the album…. WOOT!

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