TSURURADIO Presents… Famous Hungarian Folk Songs on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Tsuru

Well, after about 11 hours of flying plus a couple hours in the hot, shitty cacophony of noise called “JFK Airport” in New York and BLAMO! we are home!!! HOORAY! Looks like it’s just in the nick of time as TSURUBOT4000 blew a fuse or something, sweet be-jeebus, what happened there, eh? Oh well, I guess you got a few extra songs out of it, so it can’t be that bad.

Gotta tell ya, it’s soooo good to be home…. home to our cat (hi Mushaboom!), our bed, our internet, our couch, our Subway (eat fresh!), and my bike (hi Kapu!). This morning, after ripping your special prize (more on that later), I went for a little 30 miler bike ride. Oh man, achy knees from squatting in coach for half a day, but it felt so good, soooo good to work dem quads, i.e my leg pistons, my, well, you get the idea, ha! Pushed Kapu up and down the path, over the redunkustupidulous extra loop hill, kept her at a good 20+ for a significant portion, etc, etc. Uh-huh and a fuck yeah.

That reminds me, passed a “tri-ath” today (actually a couple of them, but this one really caught my attention). Look, I have nothing against tri-aths par se (I think an accent goes in there somewhere), I admire your desire to excel at 3 different sports all at the same time, but I’m finding more and more as I pass these folks that I wonder if maybe some of them should focus on just, you know, one…. two tops.

Take today, I’m cruising along at a steady 20-22mph, a decent clip, not Tour de France shit, but nothing to be ashamed of either, when I come upon a triathlete in full blown expensive time-trial bike & gear, in the flat/prone/laying down/take it in the butt position, even had the water bottle in the face set-up thing going on…. no big deal, right? See ’em, pass ’em, forget about ’em, all the time. This time as I was approaching, judging by how quickly I was coming up on ’em on the straight bit we were on, they must have been doing maybe 16 or 18 mph, max! I was about 30 feet behind and quickly approaching them when a little hair-pin turn was coming up. They took the turn way too wide and wound up in the grass, staying in the flat position, and tried to get back on the road, fumbling, lost, and confused as I whizzed by them with a hardy “on your left!”.

Now…. I’m not telling you this to impress you or to make fun of that person (sorry, couldn’t tell if it was a woman or a smaller man) or anything, but you know, maybe, just maybe they should either a) focus on the running or swimming part of the tri-ath sports or b) learn how to ride and handle a regular road bike first before diving into a very expensive time-trial bike on a winding bike path?? That’s all I’m saying, you know? I don’t know, just seems kinda… silly? Maybe it’s so they can legally hang around events looking like this?


From what I’m told (at least from what baby told me that Haruki Murakami says), the cycling is often the weakest part of most triathletes abilities. If that’s true, maybe just riding a normal road bike, developing some good cycling fundamentals, would be a good start before jumping on one of these?

But hey….. like momma & baby always say, to each their own, and amen to that. If you want to spend 10 G’s large on a bike like that, and if that means my local bike shop gets to stay open for another year so I can come in and look at all the bike porn after I buy a new pair of cleats, then more power to you!

And while I’m at it…. ROAD CYCLISTS, LISTEN UP!

I got some news for you, to the vast majority of other people (i.e. drivers, pedestrians, casual cyclists, triaths, etc), we look like one of two things, either a) an idiot in spandex or b) a complete douche-bag. Being in colourful spandex on colourful bikes with a look of Armstrong/Livestrong/Uniball determination on our faces conjurs up one (or both probably) of those feelings from everyone else. My point? Lighten up, man! Smile! I can’t tell you how many I passed today where I give a little smile & nod to, just to acknowledge 1) their existence so they know we will not collide and 2) a little “howdy-ho fellow cyclist”, and 99% of the time (I have a spreadsheet on this) I got NOTHING but dickish ignoring.

Look, I don’t want to chat with you, don’t want you to slow down, or anything, but you know…. get your saddle out your asses, okay? We got many people who hate seeing us on the road or on the bike paths with them already, right? So how about a little “good will” toward other people, you represent all of us. I’m pretty sure a few of the vehicles in my commutes who have acted like they wanted to run me off the road had a bad experience with some “idiot” or “douche” on a bike. With this economy and people already on edge, I don’t want to see another one of these happen…

“Accident” my ass… Double Oyf! Probably some runner had got sick of sharing the path with cyclist after yet another douche flies by on their way to work and seeing an “opportunity” to bring a few cyclists back down to Earth.

Okay, I know, I know, I severely digressed…. sorry!

Where was we? Oh yeah, home sweet home…. So after my ride this morning, I got one of my photographs ready and delivered to one of my favourite local shows, AGORA!

YAY! This time, not only will I be in the show as an artist (and volunteer, woop!) baby will be there as a vendor!!! That’s right, for the first time, Agora will have local artists, designers, and other crafty folks there selling their wares to you, the general public! HOORAY!!

So, circle your calendar and get your ass down to the show on Saturday on May 16, okay??? It’s really fun. Lots of wonderful work (I got a sneak peak today, really great stuff, makes my little photo seem soooo little!) and now lots of wonderful local independent designers and performance artists…. See you there!

Okay, last order of business…. I got you a little present. Yeah, I know, but still, it was only 400 Hungarian Forints which is about $2, so how could I pass it up? Music was slim pickings in both Prague and Budapest, but in one store, a little microgroove 10″ stuck out and had to come home with me. A little collection of “famous” Hungarian folk songs, how perfect is that?

It’s loaded with scratchy snap, crackling, pop goodness and it may only be good for a kitschy little listen to most of you, but I was surprised how lovely these folk songs are…. No, it’s not some Beirut-precursor or anything, but it’s a very interesting listen into a little bit of a country’s history and that’s pretty fucking cool to me!

Doubt this will be a “hot post” or anything, I think this one will be for the hard-core TSURURADIO readers (I know there are a few of you out there, ya weirdos!), so here’s what you do, just click the little play button next to the link, turn up the speakers, and just enjoy this lovely, lovely Sunday as….

Famous Hungarian Folk Songs on Vinyl!!!
Sung by Karoly Solti and Laszlo Szalai
accompanied by the gipsy band of Sandor Lakatos

Side A
Side B

Sorry, no track listing (see photo above)…. After destroying the singers & band names above, I’m not going to try to type out the song titles and potentially offend an entire country!

3 comments for “TSURURADIO Presents… Famous Hungarian Folk Songs on Vinyl!!!

  1. sweet_doublerocker
    May 10, 2009 at 5:08 PM

    I am a hard-core TSURURADIO reader :P

  2. billy
    May 10, 2009 at 5:56 PM

    totally with you on all fronts, man. welcome back and thanks for the tunes, as always.

  3. Tsuru
    May 10, 2009 at 7:01 PM

    ah, thanks sweet-doublerocker!!


    and Billy, what can I say, after countless ignore "smile & nods" and I know what we look like out there on the road, what runners & drivers think of us, we don't belong on the road, we don't belong on the bike paths, but a little smile goes a long way..

    and tri-aths, guys…. I'm just saying.. maybe a road bike will do you good before you gun up to a "tour de france time trialer", a little more lung space may do you some good (maybe even give you a couple mph's!)

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