tsuruloosie… Roses in the Park by Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein – Roses in the Park

How about a tsuruloosie, eh? This time by Liechtenstein and the song being bandied about, “Roses In The Park”. Apparently, according to the intertubenschnuben, Liechtenstein is not the pop artist (COMPLETLY different spelling, by the way), it’s a country. Hm. Go figure! What’s their relation to the country? No clue. But we are here to quasi-review a song and what of “Roses In The Park”? Well, it’s a lo-fi, grungy (like dirty, not Cobainy) guitar thing with a bit o’ Pipette girl-goup thing going on back there somewhere and, well, it goes pretty much no where. Bummer. Just distortedly plods along, crunchy crunchy (the guitars), plop plop plop (the drums), harmonize harmonize (the girls), and then it’s done.


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