TSURUBOT4000: Vacation Output Track No. 16

Tsuru & The Bride are on vacation. In our absence, TSURUBOT4000, built from an old ipod, leftover bicycle parts, and a vacuum, has been loaded up with my entire iPod. Using a complicated algorithm & dense interweb programming, it will run the library through it’s system and post a song that you should, mathematically speaking, enjoy… We take no responsiblity for any “bad music” or “enslaving of all humans” that may or may not occur in our absence… Love, Tsuru P.S. It seems to have taken up a liking to Clone High for some reason… Please bare through this annoyance as best as possible.

Hello Wesley.

You must enjoy this MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 now.

Bell Orchestre – Icicles/Bicycles

Thank you, Weeeeesleeeeeey.

Enter suspend mode.

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