Triple tsuruloosie reviewskis! New tracks by Twilight Sad, Julien Plenti, & Grizzly Bear!

Well, haven’t had a chance to do any track reviews lately, so let’s get caught up on some “hot songs” floating around the intertubes….

Julian Plenti – Fun That We Have

First up, Interpol guy Julian Plenti. Hmm… starts off like a Cars knock off, but many songs do, so let’s see where this goes. Whoop, there’s the high-hat or something, it’s building and plblblblb…….. bleepy, bleepy, anti-climax. Okay, no pay-off, that’s cool, I don’t need a big hook, right? Fine, so where does it go next? Repetition, lots of it. Repetition, lots of it. Repetition, lots of it. Rep- well, you get the picture. As they say on that fake “reality” dating show…. NEXT!

The Twilight Sad – Reflection of the Television

Here we go, new Twilight Sad, alright! Ooo… very drum heavy dramatic intro. Probably will use that to start a concert to get the mood set or something. Kinda reminds me of something Bauhaus might make? Though it’s been a while since I’ve listened to Bauhaus, but there’s definitely a “dark gothy” dramatization going on. Now we got the crazy droning fuzzed distortion guitar finale! Here we go, here we go, and fade (to black)…

Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks

Wow… so so so lovely…. this makes the first two tsuruloosies seem like chopped liver eaten and then shat by the local stray cat that’s missing too much hair and ate a few too many lizards. Just beautiful harmonies, floating you along, making you beg it won’t end…. so you play it again. I just realized I never posted on the album! Oh man…. I think we need to correct that very very soon!

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