This is Cracker soul…. it comes so easy!

Photography by Grégory Rachid Chamekh

Well allo! This is a surprise….. Cracker’s got a cracker (ha!) of a new album out, I had no idea! How fitting that recently I went through a bout of Crackerism (more specifically adopting “Teen Anst (What The World Needs Now)” as our new theme song and/or anthem). I just got rid of it too! Oyf, took all kinds of ointments & home-internet-based-remedies, plus three large pumice stones (don’t ask). Well, here we go again because this little gem (called Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey) is, whaddaya-fucking-know, pretty damn good!

This time, Lowery & the boys had a little help via some guest appearances by a few folks, including Counting Crow leadman & crush of my mom, Adam Duritz, though I had hard time picking him out the first time through the album. Whatever…. what matters most is how their endeavour turned out, right?

By now, you should know what you are going to get with Cracker… a smart collection of rockin’ roots rockers with clever lyrics uniqued flavoured by Lowery, no, not the seasoning (I think that’s spelled Lawry anyway and look at this, someone made a video review in what looks like their bedroom of it?? lard knows why), his unique vocals, silly…

I mean, by now I don’t think Cracker’s gonna bust out with some Arcade Fire / Outkast hyrbrid, though I imagine that’d be kinda interesting. Actually, knowing him, he’d probably create a third C-named band for that, Cumquat or something…. Mmmm…. cumquats, nature’s testicles.

Why do you think they are called CUM-quats? Think about it people! So good… When I was a kid we had a cumquat tree in one of the ghetto neighborhoods we lived in. We SCAVAGED that thing when it was ready, just like the poor kids we were, eating ’til we got sick. The ones we didn’t eat, we’d throw at each other until someone would get pegged in the face or something and go running to their mom (probably me, once or twice). Good times…

Where were we? cumquats, Camper Van Beethoven, oh yeah! Cracker! Really not much to say, you can either a) turn it on & up and just rock out Spring-Summer style or b) dig into the quirkiness that is Lowery & what not. All good… My recommendation is just turn it on and have some fun. Look, Lowery’s not necessarily taking life too seriously, so why should you?

Exactly…. Now where can I get me some goddamn cumquats? Do they even make them here in the midwest? I know some bratty kids I want to peg (haha! just kidding!)…

Cracker – 01 Yalla Yalla (Let’s Go)
Cracker – 02 Show Me How This Thing Works

Will it glow at night?
Will it make a hum?
Will it make the girls think I’m less geeky??

Cracker – 03 Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out With Me
Cracker – 04 We All Shine A Light

C’mon now! Go show Cracker all your love here, here, and here now!

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