The Great TSURURADIO Swag TOUR De CURE Donation Auction is coming to a close!!!

Photography by Tsuru

Imma be honest with you… This is it! This is your last chance to get in on some sweet swag as the Great TSURURADIO Swag TOUR De CURE Donation Auction is nearing completion (only a few hours left as of this posting)…… We got a bid and we got a few watchers, so if you are going to get in on the action, you best be gettin’ in soon!

Look, I ain’t from Psychic City, I have no idea how high the swag bag could go…. it may stay at $100, which would be amazing & I’d be super-appreciative of the current high bidder, or it may go up to a couple million dollars, which then I think that person would deserve their own building at the American Diabetes Association headquarters! Though, it’d probably be a false alarm, a false hope, a cry for attention from some ne’er do well… That would make me sad.

Yeah maybe the ADA nor the TOUR De CURE ain’t gonna save me or you or the world, but it will do it’s best to help those with diabetes and who knows, maybe even help find that elusive cure for this overlooked disease! Worse case, the money they raise will help make a person suffering from this disease’s life just a little better or more manageable, right?

So, the way I see it, you have two options. You can sit back and enjoy music being spread around the internet like Paris spreads herpes to rich little socialite boys and their DJ friends….

Mmm… Herpes….

Which is fine (no guilt trips here man!) or try to throw a few bucks toward a worthy cause, which is good karma which ultimate will help you get laid! That’s right, donating to charities will get you laid (just not to Paris Hilton, I hope), it’s a proven fact, I think I even read it on the wikipedias! So to help, we’ve supplied two ways to help you find that “special” someone (and by special, I mean horny)!

1. Simply throw a few bucks in my sponsor pot, every dollar helps (even $1).

I think it was in the movie Shawshank Redemption when they said, “Get busy bidding, or get busy dying”, and little did I know how apropos that line would be all these years later…

Well, maybe deep down I knew, one of those subconscious things, you know how some people believe that the subconscious knows everything…. Since life is a series of probabilities, the back of your brain, the smart part that’s super quiet, keeps figuring out the what’s happening next, based on what’s happened before & now. Interesting theory… So when you think about Shawshan-

What? It was get busy living or get busy dying?


Well, either way, I’m sure ol’ Red would be all for this auction and quite possibly a huge Wolf Parade fan. Anyways, this is it, last plea for moneys. From here on out, it’ll just be a few updates on how much we raised and how badly I died on the hills of Ohio on June 6th. And don’t worry, I may be found dead on the side of the road in some county outside of Columbus, but with this jersey I hope to be wearing….

I’ll be the hawtest dead cyclist ever….

Thanks everyone for your support! Let’s wrap all this fundraising up and go kick some Diabetes ASS! WOOOOOT!!!



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