The Clues & the concept of perfection….

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A friend and fellow music bloggy blogger (I’ll withhold who for now, as I don’t want to spoil his review as it’s not published yet) came across an album this year that basically has owned his heart and soul since it graced his ears, the self-titled debut album from an ex-Unicorn, Clues.

This caused a little bit of an issue for him. Normally, when he rates an album he gives it the rating he obviously thinks it deserves, easy-peasy, but this time he wanted to give an album, an album he had only been listening to for about a month, a perfect score and being a huge music geek & freak, as you can imagine, this was a big fucking deal! I mean, it’s one thing to say an album is near-perfect, a 9.whatever, it gives you a little wiggle room to not like something about it, but to say an album is a 10.0, that it hits every note, every chord progression, ever lyric, every, well, THING juuuuuuuuuuust right for you is saying alot. It says that if I were to listen to the album (and I did, obviously) that I can, not just listen to what may be a great album, but listen to what is the definition of audio perfection to another person.

And when you thunks about it, that says alot about someone.

Music is an emotional experience, anyone who tries to be 100% objective about music has basically sapped out all the good parts of it is just sucking all the life out of it, leaving some bags of meat and water to stand there playing instruments and singing lyrics. Joy, eh? No, with music, fortunately (or maybe unfortunately in the case the ever-craptastic top-40 pop machine, depending on your point of view) there are no wrong answers, regardless of what your friends, boardies, commenters, random anonymous internet strangers might say, it’s okay to like whatever you like.

Got a boy band fetish?

That’s cool.

Dig the latest “R&B” meets hip-hop & dance cross over hit?

No problem!

Can only stand to listen to satanic-prog-metal?

Have fun! Just don’t sacrifice any neighborhood critters, okay?

Like Nickelback?

Well, now you’ve gone too far! AH, just joshin’ ya. Their brand of generic rock can be appealing, you know, to your dad and his mom and her bridge team. HA! Just messin’ again…. get ur lighters (or is it cell phones now) go to their show and wave ’em in the air like you just don’t care! More power to ya!

Look, we are just a shit pile of cells built out of our genes that is later shaped by our environment, as we have received & experienced things from our point of view, our 100% unique and individual point of view, our mind (and body) evolves to whatever form it is at this very moment. If you were reading this write up, and there was somehow someone that was 100% exactly like you right next to you who DIDN’T read this post, when then now you are not 100% exactly the same no more, you follow? Actually, just the fact of being right next to you is different, as their perspective is slightly different than yours. Lean a little to the left and see for yourself! Every little bit counts and makes us completely unique to the other person.

So who’s to say whether or not it’s wrong or right that someone else has deemed an album absolutely perfect as of now. Why as of “now”? Well hell, he (nor anyone else for that matter) will be the same person next year, next month, next week, or even tomorrow! Even separating yourself from all experiences for a day is in and of itself an experience, right? Right.

You still with me? Good.

So to our dear torn music blogger who questioned the validity of his own perfect score, Isay (and said) just go with it man! I’ve come across a couple… in fact, I consider our last two annual #1 albums: Sunset Rubdown’s Random Spirit Lover & Island’s Arm’s Way to be perfect myself! Or rather, did…. I guess it would be a fun thing to go back and re-listen hard, you know like, heavy hard and see if Tsuru-today agrees with the Tsuru-then, or have I done changed? Maybe now that one transitional track runs a little long?

But, to those of you looking for your free iTunes replacement, you may be asking, “what of the album in question, how is it?” Well I’ll be honest, it’s pretty fantastic. I only gave it a cursory listen before vaca, as I was busy building TSURUBOT4000 & a mixtape or two for you guys. But when he told me THIS was his perfect album, it jumped to the top of the queue and on the plane Saturday I played it once, then twice, then a countless number more, then yesterday again on my bike ride, and again right now….

It’s truly is amazing. It’s rock, it’s Canuck-indie, it’s a little Unicorny, sometimes catchy, sometimes anthemic, sometimes anti-climatic (like the lead-off track, tricky brilliance you damn Canadian bastards!) & quite proggy (HOORAY!), like I said, it’s amazing.

So first off, a hardy “thank you” to our blogger friend, I’ll make up all the anonyminity with some TSURURADIO Appreciates… after your review is up, I promise. To Clues, just wow. You have suddenly jumped up to the upper-eschelon of 2009, a very short list that has the competition just a bit nervous, looking over their shoulder, suddenly worried about their own longevity for the next 7 months.

Sorry for the long jibber-jabberin, after a week & a half off, I seem to have a lot to say. But… I’ll shut up now and just let you enjoy the first few tracks…

Clues – 01 Haarp
Clues – 02 Remember Severed Head

Hoo hoo hoo hoo-hoo
hoo-hoo hoo-hoo!

Who here wants to sleep in a dragon’s mouth?
Who here wants to feel…?

Clues – 03 Approach The Throne
Clues – 04 In The Dream

Now, go show the Clues all your love here

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