Illustration by Society member Norbert Fuckerer

Well, if you are a Society member or one of our Facebook friends, you know today is my birthday… I don’t tell you this to get any special well-wishes, I actually don’t celebrate my birthday all that much. The reason I’m telling you this is because my baby, my bride, my love gave me two presents last night that are about as thoughtful as you could possibly imagine.

I can’t remember when I was left so speechless (because you know I can jibber jabber on). She had one of our many many talented Society members, grafista, create the above illustration, which alone was devestatingly sweet and wonderful and amazing….. I absolutely love it! I can’t WAIT to get that up on our wall (it’s already up on the site (look to your right and down a little bit)).

But there was one more. Check this out….

She had (you ready for this???) a brass head badge custom made by Revolution Cycle Jewelry for my bike of our crane logo that was created by one of our super talented Society members, captgeech (who also designed our Society Shirts, by the way)!!!!

Here’s a photo I took this morning:

Crane design by Society member Drew Brockington

One word for these presents, a word I never use, flabbergasted! I really was/am/will be. Baby, I told you last night, I’ll tell you a thousand more times, thank you so, so, so much! The most thoughtful, sweetest, and truly wonderful & perfect gifts your man could ever want. I’m truly speechless as there can’t be words that tell you what this means to me. I love you so much!!!!

One thing I do know & can say, that head badge is TOTALLY GOING TO MAKE ME FASTER!!!! Watch out TOUR De CURE and Rhonda! Tsuru & his tsuru are on the prowl!!!

Now, if you do feel like sending some love my way, I’d be truly honoured and privileged if you so did via donating to this great cause I’m riding 100 miles (with my new head badge) on June 6th…


No new music today, I think. I’ve got a wedding to go to (where free libations will be had), but I’m sure we get something special up before the weekend’s end. You know me…


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