Some Unicorn moments because I’m suddenly stuck on Clues!!!

“I Don’t Want To Die”


“I Was Born A Unicorn”

Lardy lardy, the Clues album came back in an swept me off my feetsies late in this busy, busy day! So good, so good, so good. Funny, I go back and forth between Clues & Harlem Shakes being my favourite albums of the year so far, but then I’ll play Hazards Of Love and it all gets fucked over even more….

Lardy, indeed.

1 comment for “Some Unicorn moments because I’m suddenly stuck on Clues!!!

  1. piers
    May 14, 2009 at 4:46 PM

    hey speaking of unicorns, the cover of the new penny arcade collection doesn’t feature unicorns actually vomitting rainbows, but close enough! The tracks you posted from My Latest Novel a few weeks back haven’t left my playlist, btw, so thx, and they’re on top of my list for future music purchases. New Twilight Sad on its way, too. Good times. My latest favourite thing is a band from Norway called I Was a King, who are definitely worth a listen.


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